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"The Beatles, OBI Toshiba Vinyl Collection - CALL FOR SHIPPING QUOTE" - Product Image
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"The Beatles, OBI Toshiba Vinyl Collection - CALL FOR SHIPPING QUOTE"

THIS IS THE COMPLETE 2004 JAPAN BEATLES OBI TOSHIBA VINYL COLLECTION - ALL NEVER OPENED NEVER PLAYED. ALL WERE PRODUCED ON A FUTURES ONLY BASIS AND WENT IMMEDIATELY OUT OF PRINT. THEY ARE NOW BECOMING TREMENDOUSLY RARE. MANY TITLES SELLING FOR $100 + EACH. COLLECTION INCLUDES EVERY BEATLES LP RELEASE FROM PLEASE PLEASE ME TO LET IT BE PLUS THE BEATLES #1'S - BEATLES LET IT BE NAKED - THE YELLOW SUBMARINE DVD SOUNDTRACK AND THE BONUS OF THE U.S. ONLY RELEASE BEATLES LOVE LP SET. These FOREIGN pressings are sent with the vinyl outside of the jackets when being shipped to the U.S. to protect the covers from damage. Once inside the our wherehouse we then protectively seal the title in a loose re-sealable plastic cover to ensure the quality of the product. This title is brand new & never played condition. Don't Miss out. PLUS THE BONUS OF THE NEW TO THE COLLECTION IS THE BEATLES "LOVE" 180 GRAM 2 LP SET Limited to just 5,000 U.S. copies!Upgraded packaging includes two 180-gram LPs, a 28-page 12" booklet. Love is an unprecedented approach to the Beatles' catalog, featuring wildly alternative mixes and "mash-ups," the combining of two or more Beatles tunes mixed together for a wholly unique song. The project came about when Paul and Ringo, along with Yoko Ono Lennon and Olivia Harrison, approached legendary producer Sir George Martin about making experimental mixes from their master tapes. Actually, Martin says that the concept was born several years before when George Harrison and Guy Laliberte, the founder of Cirque du Soleil, began to explore the possibilities of a collaboration between Cirque du Soleil and the Beatles. Out of that vision, Love was born. Martin and his son, Giles, have created a completely unique soundscape. Says Martin: "My brief was to create a soundscape of around one and a half hour's length using any sound I needed from the original Beatles multi-track recordings. It was an offer one could hardly refuse." Opinions will no doubt vary as to the validity of these new mixes. Purists may be offended. Those thirsting for new Beatles material may be thrilled. One thing's for certain: Love will be among the most talked about releases in many years. "This album puts the Beatles back together again, because suddenly there's John and George with me and Ringo," said Paul McCartney. "It's kind of magical." Track Listings Because Get Back Glass Onion Eleanor Rigby/Julia (Transition) I Am The Walrus I Want To Hold Your Hand Drive My Car/The Word/What You're Doing Gnik Nus Something/Blue Jay Way (Transition) Being For The Benefit of Mr. Kite!/I Want You (She's So Heavy)/Helter Skelter Help! Blackbird/Yesterday Strawberry Fields Forever Within You Without You/Tomorrow Never Knows Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds Octopus's Garden Lady Madonna Here Comes The Sun/The Inner Light (Transition) Come Together/Dear Prudence/Cry Baby Cry (Transition) Revolution Back In The U.S.S.R. While My Guitar Gently Weeps A Day In The Life Hey Jude Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) All You Need Is Love HERE ARE THE COMPLETE OBI BEATLES COLLECTION - THESE LIMITED EDITION ARE EXACT TO THE ORIGINAL RELEASES WITH ALL BONUS MATERIALS INCLUDED. PLEASE PLEASE ME - BLACK STEREO VINYL PLEASE PLEASE ME LP. 1. I Saw Her Standing There 2. Misery 3. Anna (Go to Him) 4. Chains 5. Boys 6. Ask Me Why 7. Please Please Me 8. Love Me Do 9. P.S. I Love You 10. Baby It's You 11. Do You Want to Know a Secret 12. Taste of Honey 13. There's a Place 14. Twist and Shout Their first-ever album, raw and rough and still very rock & roll. Lennon and McCartney begin to flex their writing muscles and had already scored two UK hits when this appeared, but they still relied heavily on the cover material to see them through. They were an unknown quantity, still to launch a million bands and take pop music to places it had never dreamed off. Just the beginning!! WITH THE BEATLES - BLACK STEREO VINYL WITH THE BEATLES -RARE Original Mono Pressing. 1.It Won't Be Long 2. All I've Got to Do 3. All My Loving 4. Don't Bother Me 5. Little Child 6. Till There Was You 7. Please Mr. Postman 8. Roll over Beethoven 9. Hold Me Tight 10. You've Really Got a Hold on Me 11. I Wanna Be Your Man 12. Devil in Her Heart 13. Not a Second Time 14. Money (That's What I Want) They still had plenty of covers to fill out the running time, but the Lennon-McCartney writing team was gathering steam and beginning to knock out pop classics as if they were pulling them out of thin air. "All My Loving" and "I Wanna Be your Man" come from this record, issued hurriedly to capitalize on English Beatlemania. But even when they were laying into some classic Chuck Berry, by this time the Beatles had acquired a unique sound in the blend of John's and Paul's voices, while George was coming on by leaps and bounds as a guitar player. BEATLES FOR SALE - BLACK STEREO VINYL BEATLES FOR SALE -- BEATLES FOR SALE came out for the 1964 Christmas market. The Beatles, whose instincts for what worked musically were so strong that they could basically do no wrong--any record that has "Baby's in Black," "I Don't Want to Spoil the Party" and the delectable "Eight Days a Week" on it is only "minor" in the most relative sense. And, though their voices had been frazzled a bit by constant touring, they revved them up for some joyous shouting, and indulged their fondness for American country in subtle, playful ways. 1. No Reply 2. I'm a Loser 3. Baby's in Black 4. Rock & Roll Music 5. I'll Follow the Sun 6. Mr. Moonlight 7. Kansas City/Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey! 8. Eight Days a Week 9. Words of Love 10. Every Little Thing 11. I Don't Want to Spoil the Party 12. What You're Doing HELP - BLACK VINYL HELP -- How John Lennon's confessional song became the title for a silly James Bond spoof I really don't know. The funny thing is, it works both ways--as a young man's personal statement about learning to open up to others, and as the frantic theme for an exotic espionage chase comedy starring those lovable mop-tops (this time in color). Like A Hard Day's Night, only the first "side" of this album actually contains songs from the movie--the biggest hits being the eponymous cry for assistance and "Ticket to Ride." But part 2 has a few nice tunes as well, like "It's Only Love," "I've Just Seen a Face," and a little ditty called "Yesterday." And I always love it when they do an all-out screamer like "Dizzy Miss Lizzy," which sounds like John's raucous answer to Paul's "Kansas City/Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey" vocal on Beatles for Sale. Of course, it's essential--as are all the Beatles' soundtracks (all the Beatles' albums). 1. Help! 2. The Night Before 3. You've Got To Hide Your Love Away 4. I Need You 5. Another Girl 6. You're Going To Lose That Girl 7. Ticket To Ride 8. Act Naturally 9. It's Only Love 10. You Like Me Too Much 11. Tell Me What You See 12. I've Just Seen A Face 13. Yesterday 14. Dizzy Miss Lizzie A HARD DAYS NIGHT - BLACK VINYL HARD DAY'S NIGHT - A Hard Day's Night 2. I Should Have Known Better 3. If I Fell 4. I'm Happy Just To Dance With You 5. And I Love Her 6. Tell Me Why 7. Can't Buy Me Love 8. Any Time At All 9. I'll Cry Instead 10. Things We Said Today 11. When I Get Home 12. You Can't Do That 13. I'll Be Back That dramatic guitar chord that kicks of A Hard Day's Night (album, song, movie) still jumps right out at you, slaps you in the face, and jump-starts your heart. And you know what? Both the music and the film are still as crisp and lively as they were in 1964. Of course, only the first seven songs are actually in the movie (and they are the strongest of the bunch, from the rousing rock & roll of the title track and the hit single "Can't Buy Me Love," to the beautiful ballads "If I Fell" and "And I Love Her"). But nobody's going to complain about having songs like "I'll Cry Instead" and "Things We Said Today" in the second half of the record; they sure don't feel like leftovers. Yet another high-point for John, Paul, George, and Ringo who hit the highest heights imaginable RUBBER SOUL - BLACK STEREO VINYL RUBBER SOUL - . Rank them how you like, RUBBER SOUL is an undeniable pivotal point in the Fab Four's varied discography no matter where, or how, you first heard it. The 14-song U.K. Edition - the version now available in this Limited Edition has so many classics: "Drive My Car" and "Nowhere Man" (both omitted from the U.S. edition). The transition from mop-tops to experimenting musicians began with RUBBER SOUL! John wrote one of his most sensible love songs with "In My Life". "The Word" can be read as a pre-psych warning shot; the sitar-laden "Norwegian Wood" and the evocative "Girl" (written the last night of the sessions) stand as turning points in John Lennon's work. George also emerges with the McGinnis "If I Needed Someone." One of the greatest Albums of all time. Other tracks include: Drive My Car - You Won't See Me - Nowhere Man - Think For Yourself - Michelle - What Goes On - Girl - I'm Looking Through You - In My Life - Wait - If I Needed Someone - Run For Your Life. Track Listings 1. Drive My Car 2. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) 3. You Won't See Me 4. Nowhere Man 5. Think for Yourself 6. Word 7. Michelle 8. What Goes On 9. Girl 10. I'm Looking Through You 11. In My Life 12. Wait 13. If I Needed Someone 14. Run for Your Life REVOLVER - BLACK STEREO VINYL REVOLVER wouldn't remain the Beatles' most ambitious LP for long, but many fans remember it as their best. An object lesson in fitting great songwriting into experimental production and genre play, this is also a record whose influence extends far beyond mere they-was-the-greatest cheerleading. Putting McCartney's more traditionally melodic "Here, There and Everywhere" and "For No One" alongside Lennon's direct-hit sneering ("Dr. Robert") and dreamscapes ("I'm Only Sleeping," "Tomorrow Never Knows") and Harrison's peaking wit ("Taxman") was as conceptually brilliant as anything Sgt. Pepper attempted, and more subtly fulfilling. A must. Track Listings 1. Taxman 2. Eleanor Rigby 3. I'm Only Sleeping 4. Love You To 5. Here, There and Everywhere 6. Yellow Submarine 7. She Said She Said 8. Good Day Sunshine 9. And Your Bird Can Sing 10. For No One 11. Doctor Robert 12. I Want to Tell You 13. Got to Get You into My Life 14. Tomorrow Never Knows SGT. PEPPERS - BLACK STEREO VINYL SGT. PEPPER'S - THE BEATLES - SGT. PEPPER'S LONELY HEART'S CLUB BAND - U.K. PRESSING - SEALED . This album has been direct-metal-mastered from a digitally re-mastered original tape to give the best possible sound quality. Mymusicfix has listened to it - AND IT SOUNDS GREAT!! Before The Beatles released SGT. PEPPER'S, both John Lennon and Paul McCartney were blown away by the Beach Boys recent release of PET SOUNDS and were inspired to transform rock music into an actual art. In 1967 spanning 129 days (perhaps the most creative 129 days in the history of rock music), this crowning achievement of The Beatles and George Martin --especially considering they were working only with 4-track tape machines-- created an undeniable work of art which remains after 30+ years one of the most influential albums of all-time. From John Lennon's evocative word/sound pictures (the trippy LUCY IN THE SKY WITH DIAMONDS, the carnival-like BEING FOR THE BENEFIT OF MR. KITE) and Paul McCartney's musical hall style WHEN I'M 64 to George Harrison's Eastern leanings WITHIN WITHOUT YOU to Ringo's A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS and the avante-garde mini-suite A DAY IN THE LIFE, SGT PEPPER'S was a milestone for both the sixties and pop culture Track Listings 1. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 2. With a Little Help from My Friends 3. Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds 4. Getting Better 5. Fixing a Hole 6. She's Leaving Home 7. Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite! 8. Within You Without You 9. When I'm Sixty-Four 10. Lovely Rita 11. Good Morning Good Morning 12. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) 13. Day in the Life THE WHITE LP (2LP SET) - BLACK STEREO VINYL The WHITE ALBUM was meant to be the record that brought them back to earth after three years of studio experimentation. Instead, it took them all over the place, continuing to burst the envelope of pop music. Lennon and McCartney were still at the height of their powers, with Lennon and McCartney growing into rock's towering figures. From Beach Boys knock-offs to reggae and to the unknown ("Revolution #9"), this has it all. Some records have legend written all over them; this is one. 1. Back in the U.S.S.R. 2. Dear Prudence 3. Glass Onion 4. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da 5. Wild Honey Pie 6. Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill 7. While My Guitar Gently Weeps 8. Happiness Is a Warm Gun 9. Martha My Dear 10. I'm So Tired 11. Blackbird 12. Piggies 13. Rocky Raccoon 14. Don't Pass Me By 15. Why Don't We Do It in the Road? 16. I Will 17. Julia Disc: 2 - SIDES 3 AND 4 1. Birthday 2. Yer Blues 3. Mother Nature's Son 4. Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey 5. Sexy Sadie 6. Helter Skelter 7. Long, Long, Long 8. Revolution 1 - The Beatles, Nicky Hopkins 9. Honey Pie 10. Savoy Truffle 11. Cry Baby Cry 12. Revolution 9 13. Good Night MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR - BLACK STEREO VINYL Track Listings 1. Magical Mystery Tour 2. The Fool On The Hill 3. Flying 4. Blue Jay Way 5. Your Mother Should Know 6. I Am The Walrus 7. Hello Goodbye 8. Strawberry Fields Forever 9. Penny Lane 10. Baby You're A Rich Man 11. All You Need Is Love The album feels even more like a collection of singles (instead of an actual movie soundtrack) than Help! or A Hard Day's Night, but maybe that's because every song sounds like it could have been a hit single. " Even George's "Blue Jay Way" paints a vivid sound-portrait in fascinating detail. Consider Joni Mitchell's "Car on the Hill" from Court and Spark to be a companion piece about sitting in the Hollywood Hills, waiting for somebody to show up. This album features the two 45 rpm masterpieces that sum up the quintessential best of Lennon and McCartney at this stage of their development: Paul's "Penny Lane" and John's "I Am the Walrus." LET IT BE - STEREO BLACK VINYL LET IT BE often gets a bad rap. Unfairly, as it's often as charming, well written, and rocking as the Beatles' "better" albums; it's also more outright fun than Abbey Road, the masterpiece it followed into the stores. With Lennon and McCartney working together on the perfect "I've Got a Feeling," "Two of Us," and "Dig a Pony," it's hard to believe these guys were about to go their separate ways. Tracks include: 1. Two Of Us 2. Dig A Pony 3. Across The Universe 4. I Me Mine 5. Dig It 6. Let It Be 7. Maggie Mae 8. I've Got A Feeling 9. One After 909 10. The Long And Winding Road 11. For You Blue 12. Get Back ABBEY ROAD - STEREO BLACK VINYL The Beatles last days as a band were as productive as any major phenomenon that was about to split up. After recording LET IT BE LP, the group held on for this ambitious effort - an album that was to become their best seller. On Side One, all four Beatles contribute with John Lennon's hard rocking COME TOGETHER and I WANT YOU SO; George Harrison's SOMETHING; Ringo's OCTOPUS'S GARDEN and Paul McCartney's MAXWELL SILVER HAMMER and OH DARLING complete this first side. A series of long fragments edited together in a sweet form dominates Side Two. Songs like George Harrison's HERE COMES THE SUN, BECAUSE, SUN KING, MEAN MR. MUSTARD, POLYTHENE PAM, CAME THROUGH THE BATHROOM WINDOW, NEVER GIVE ME YOUR MONEY, GOLDEN SLUMBERS, and the fitting end to The Beatles last cut forever - THE END have a way of taking you in, up and out. You can feel your energy level rise as you listen to these songs and when you hit the crescendo, they take you down gently. ABBEY ROAD has to be one of the great classic rock albums of all-times. This is one album that Beatles fans will want to add to their album collection as it shows what a force The Beatles were in rock and roll. LET IT BE NAKED - with all inclusive contents - 20 page booklet and picture sleeve 45 RPM 7" disc. - STEREO BLACK VINYL The Beatles have often spoken about how Phil Spector drowned their sound in orchestration on the original Let It Be, released in 1970, and Paul McCartney has vowed to rewrite history by having the version originally intended finally released and that's what we have here. Here it is with an additional 7" Disc of Fly On The Wall, a unique insight into the Beatles at work in rehearsal and in the studio during January, 1969. Track Listings 1. Get Back 2. Dig A Pony 3. For You Blue 4. The Long And Winding Road 5. Two Of Us 6. I've Got A Feeling 7. One After 909 8. Don't Let Me Down 9. I Me Mine 10. Across The Universe 11. Let It Be THE ORIGINAL YELLOW SUBMARINE SOUNDTRACK - BLACK STEREO VINYL The Beatles' third movie soundtrack combines four new Beatles songs along with instrumentals from the film. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Track Listings 1. Yellow Submarine 2. Only A Northern Song 3. All Together Now 4. Hey Bulldog 5. It's All Too Much 6. All You Need Is Love 7. Pepperland 8. Sea Of Time 9. Sea Of Holes 10. Sea Of Monsters 11. March Of The Meanies 12. Pepper Land Laid Waste 13. Yellow Submarine In Pepperland THE YELLOW SUBMARINE DVD SOUNDTRACK - The original Yellow Submarine soundtrack of 1969 included just six Beatles songs. This release includes all 15 of the songs featured in the movie. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Track Listings 1. Yellow Submarine 2. Hey Bulldog 3. Eleanor Rigby 4. Love You To 5. All Together Now 6. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds 7. Think For Yourself 8. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 9. With A Little Help From My Friends 10. Baby You're A Rich Man 11. Only A Northern Song 12. All You Need Is Love 13. When I'm Sixty-Four 14. Nowhere Man 15. It's All Too Much THE BEATLES NUMBER ONE SINGLES (2LP SET) Track Listings Love Me Do From Me to You She Loves You I Want to Hold Your Hand Can't Buy Me Love A Hard Day's Night I Feel Fine Eight Days a Week Ticket to Ride Help! Yesterday Day Tripper We Can Work It Out Paperback Writer Yellow Submarine Eleanor Rigby Penny Lane All You Need Is Love Hello Goodbye Lady Madonna Hey Jude Get Back The Ballad of John & Yoko Something Come Together Let It Be The Long and Winding Road
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