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"The Cornells, Surf Fever" - Product Image
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"The Cornells, Surf Fever"

Classic Analog LP Pressing - THE CORNELLS - SURF FEVER - rare analog LP and is a cover to cover masterpiece. No weak spots in these tracks - The nicest thing you can do for your stylus and your ears. BULLETIN: Mymusicfix has been told that the EPA will no longer allow the vinyl industry to produce colored vinyl products because of its lead content. So collectors of colored vinyl pressings need to stay on top of the titles they want to own in colored vinyl because they will now become some of the rarest collectibles in the vinyl industry. The Cornells - Surf Fever! The Best Of ... LP Peter Lewis would later end up in Moby Grape; the rest of the Cornells would go on to found a prestigious college in upstate New York. But at this particular moment in time, they'd joined forces to play spiffy surf music while wearing equally spiffy surfin' jackets and sweaters. A sunken treasure liberated from Davy Jones' Locker by the fearless frogmen at Sundazed. TRACK LISTING Beachbound Shanghied Malibu Surf Stompin' After Five Miserlou Night Train Surfer's Stomp Caravan Cinnamon Cinder Detour Lone Star Stomp Agua Caliente Mama's Little Baby* Wak-A-Cha* Surf Fever* *bonus tracks THE CORNELLS WERE ONE OF THE ORIGINAL EARLY 60'S INSTRUMENTAL BANDS THAT INFLUENCED THE EVOLUTION OF SURF MUSIC. THEY WERE ONE OF THE FIRST BESIDES DICK DALE - THE LIVELY ONES - THE VENTURES - LINK WRAY - DUANE EDDY THAT HAD THIS EXCITING GUITAR BASED INSTRUMENTALS. WHEN YOU LISTEN TO THEIR LP'S YOU WILL SEE WHY THEIR TRACKS WERE COVERED BY ALMOST ALL SURF BANDS. THESE ARE TRUELY RARE COLLECTIBLE MASTERPIECE OF VINYL.
SKU Number: DOLP 5013
Price:   $139.99