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"The Rolling Stones, Rarities 1971-2003" - Product Image
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"The Rolling Stones, Rarities 1971-2003"

The Rolling Stones - RARITIES 1971 - 2003 - Double LP Set Vinyl Limited Edition pressing by Virgin Vinyl. A treasure trove of live recordings, B-sides and remixes selected from their archives by the Rolling Stones. Listen as the band reinterprets some of their greatest songs, retraces their blues and R&B roots and adds new textures to the most distinctive sound in rock 'n' roll. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Track Listings 1. Fancy Man Blues 2. Tumbling Dice (Live) 3. Wild Horses (Live Stripped Version) 4. Beast of Burden (Live) 5. Anyway You Look at It 6. If I Was a Dancer (Dance Pt. 2) 7. Miss You (Dance Version) 8. Wish I'd Never Met You 9. I Just Wanna Make Love to You (Live) 10. Mixed Emotions (12' Version) 11. Through the Lonely Nights 12. Live With Me (Live) 13. Let It Rock 14. Harlem Shuffle (NY Mix) 15. Mannish Boy (live) 16. Thru and Thru (Live)
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