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"UFO, Phenomenon" - Product Image
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"UFO, Phenomenon"

UFO PHENOMENON OBI 6 CD BOX SET WITH THESE TITLES - PHENOMENON - OBSESSIONS - STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT - FORCE IT - LIGHTS OUT - NO HEAVY PETTING. Japanese OBI MINI REPLICA BOX SET Japanese re-mastered Mini LP replica Limited Edition Collection Recorded from the finest Original Masters available. Each title Comes with anti-static sleeves similar to Vinyl LPs, Cardboard packaging exact to the original LP, Re-sealable plastic wrap cases for protection of each collectible Actual miniaturized version of the 12" LP in 4" CD version Special VERY RARE LIMITED EDITION BOX SET ONLY PRODUCED ON FUTURES FOR THIS ONE TIME PRESSING -- were only available in Japan. TITLES INCLUDED IN THIS BOX SET ARE: UFO PHENOMENON SIX OBI CD BOX SET WITH THESE TITLES - PHENOMENON - Japanese pressing of their 1974 album. The CD has been remastered and comes packaged in a miniature LP sleeve 1. Oh My 2. Crystal Light 3. Doctor Doctor 4. Space Child 5. Rock Bottom 6. Too Young to No 7. Time on My Hands 8. Built for Comfort 9. Lipstick Traces 10. Queen of the Deep OBSESSIONS - Japanese pressing of their 1978 album 1. Only You Can Rock Me 2. Pack It Up (And Go) 3. Arbory Hill 4. Ain't No Baby 5. Lookin' out for No. 1 6. Hot 'N' Ready 7. Cherry 8. You Don't Fool Me 9. Lookin' out for No. 1 (Reprise) 10. One More for the Rodeo 11. Born to Lose STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT - Japanese pressing of their 1979 album 1. Hot 'N' Ready [*] 2. Cherry [*] 3. Let It Roll 4. Love to Love 5. Natural Thing 6. Out in the Street 7. Only You Can Rock Me 8. Mother Mary 9. This Kids 10. Doctor Doctor 11. I'm a Loser 12. Lights Out 13. Rock Bottom 14. Too Hot to Handle 15. Shoot Shoot FORCE IT - Japanese pressing of their 1974 album 1. Let It Roll 2. Shoot Shoot 3. High Flyer 4. Love Lost Love 5. Out in the Street 6. Mother Mary 7. Too Much of Nothing 8. Dance Your Life Away 9. This Kid's/Between the Walls LIGHTS OUT - Japanese pressing of their 1975 album 1. Too Hot to Handle 2. Just Another Suicide 3. Try Me 4. Lights Out 5. Getting' Ready 6. Alone Again Or 7. Electric Phase 8. Love to Love 9. On with the Action [Live][*] NO HEAVY PETTING. Japanese pressing of their 1976 album . Natural Thing 2. I'm a Loser 3. Can You Roll Her 4. Belladonna 5. Reasons Love 6. Highway Lady 7. On With the Action 8. Fool in Love 9. Martian Landscape
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