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you're audiophile."
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Click the E-Bay Store link to view pictures and descriptions of all MFSL, DCC, CBS, MCA Audiophile Series Gold CDs and 180 Gram+ Vinyl LPs. Within the E-Bay Stores section, you can also write in your favorite artist and the Store will pull up all of our Audiophile selections. You can return to mymusicfix.com and purchase any item or request any collection you are seeking.

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MYMUSICFIX is strictly for those individuals who are addicted to having the finest and rarest Limited Edition Audiophile Recordings ever of their favorite Artist or Group. MYMUSICFIX is the purest musical high because you will own a direct pressing transferred from the Original Studio Master.

These pressings were limited to 5,000 - 7,500 or 10,000 to ensure the individual quality of each recording. Each were pressed on the best and most expensive substraits within the recording market, either 24-Karat Gold CDs or 180-+ Gram Pure Virgin Vinyl LPs. When purchasing one of these music fixes, you must understand they are the Rembrandt, Ferrari, or rare jewels of the Recording Industry.

They are the masterpieces of Sonic Art that have been engineered by the best technicians to ever grace a studio. The pleasure of this fix is that you will be one of a few music addicts/collectors to share the finest musical listening high with everyone who visits your musical den. MYMUSICFIX is dedicated to seeking out the Rarest Out of Print Audiophile 180+ Gram Virgin Vinyl and 24-Karat Gold CDs for fellow music enthusiasts/collectors to upgrade their musical experience.

These Rare Out Of Print titles were a part of a very Limited Edition collection (some numbered directly on product or how Sony/CBS engraved the Pressing Date and Serial Number on the Gold CDs to authenticate the rarity of the pressing) released mainly in the early 90s. Each of these collector items are unique in that they increase in value and listening experience each year. Most titles are limited to a handfull still available in Factory-Sealed Mint Condition and you will be one of the last few in the world to own the last few in the world to own this valuable Limited Audiophile Pressing.

All of our products were direct from the manufacturer the finest quallity available. Labels like CBS, MCA, DCC and MFSL are the rarest. Selecting one of these Audiophile Master pieces from your favorite Artist will be a gift that will increase in enjoyment and value for decades to come. Each is a treasured piece of musical history.

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Details, more pictures and additional information are available in our Ebay store. The listing below link directly to our Ebay Store.
  Bob Dylan
  Bob Marley
  Bonnie Raitt
  Crosby, Stills & Nash
  Doobie Brothers
  Elton John
  Elvis Presley
  Guns N Roses
  Janis Joplin
  Jethro Tull
  John Hiatt
  John Lennon
  John Mellencamp
  Joni Mitchell
  Led Zeppelin
  Miles Davis
  Moody Blues
  Nat King Cole
  Paul McCartney
  Pink Floyd
  Rolling Stones
  Roy Orbison
  Simon & Garfunkel
  Sonny Rollins
  Stan Getz
  Steve Miller
  Stevie Ray Vaughan
  The Who
  Tom Petty
  Wes Montgomery
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