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Mymusicfix is a "Collectors Corner" designed to provide the world with the finest and rarest Audiophile 180+ Gram LPs, 24 Karat Gold CDs, Standard Weight Analog Pressings, Japan Mini Replica LP CDs, SACDs and CDs that the industry has to offer (most of which are long out of print). Mymusicfix is about being Audiophile and experiencing the "fix" that engulfs the collector when finding a great piece of software to add to their collection and enrich their lives. We are about software performance and the identification of the rarest, finest, and most valuable limited edition software products still in existence for fellow music enthusiast and collectors.


What Is Audiophile?

Audiophile is about experiencing a piece of music that gives a listener the feeling of being in the studio with the artist; hearing music at its highest clarity and sonic perfection. A Baby Boomer and beyond phenomenon, its roots began in the late fifties and has evolved from the technological breakthroughs of the 60s with Stereo, the 70s with Quad, the 80s with MFSL, Nautilus, DCC, MCA, CBS Original Masters Recordings, and through the 90s and present day with the continual evolution of musical software.


The Importance Of Audiophile Software

As an Audiophile, you've gone through various hardware components (amps. speakers, etc.) that lose their value, and thus may become expendable. However software is a collectible that holds (even increases) in value and the key to making any component perform. Also, in this day and age with CD burners, this software makes the best transfers ever within Audiophile.



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