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" Eddie Lockjaw Davis with Harry "Sweets" Edison , Jaw Breakers" - Product Image

" Eddie Lockjaw Davis with Harry "Sweets" Edison , Jaw Breakers"

Edward Davis (March 2, 1922-November 3, 1986), who performed and recorded as Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, was an American jazz tenor saxophonist. He played with Cootie Williams, Lucky Millinder, Andy Kirk, Louis Armstrong, and Count Basie, as well as leading his own bands and making many recordings as a leader. He played in the swing, bop, hard bop, Latin jazz, and soul jazz genres. Some of his recordings of the 1940s also could be classified as rhythm and blues. His 1946 band, Eddie Davis and His Beboppers, featured Fats Navarro, Al Haig, Huey Long, Gene Ramey and Denzil Best. In the 1950s he was playing with Sonny Stitt, while from 1960 to 1962 he and fellow tenor saxophonist Johnny Griffin led a quintet. From the mid-60s, Davis and Griffin also performed together as part of The Kenny Clarke-Francy Boland Big Band, along with other, mainly European, jazz musicians. I recently fell in love with these two amazing players, just these two cats, "Sweets" Edison and "Lockjaw" Davis. I knew Lockjaw through Johnny Griffin's records (they recorded a lot together with marvellous results), being the Griff one of my alltime favourite tenors. Lockjaw is that kind of tenor, you know, like Ben Webster and Coleman Hawkins, with great "muscles" in his sound and a lot of variety in his expressions. But Sweets is Just a recent discovery for me. Later going back to search for things from him in my collection I found a lot of records with him inside but I never paid to much attention to him I have to admit. And what a shame that has been! He's been with Count Basie and he's a swinger more than a bopper, a more traditional kind of player, but I think that in his case, as in the case of all pure artists, it's not a matter of styles because his talent is so pure that goes beyond boundaries. As a matter of fact Sweets plays if not pure bebop, sure a modern idiom all his own. Something which stands in its own right between traditional Count Basie Jazz and bebop, with impressive results. This record is amazing in my opinion. It is another gem in the immense Jazz catalogue. The music is a sort of hard bop (it's 1962) very infected with the blues but with the bebop discoveries too. The program is very interesting. I point out the last tune, Close your eyes, a minor swinger with GORGEOUS solos from the guys. Uh, the full line up is; Sweets, Lockjaw with Hugh Lawson piano, Ike Isaac doublebass, Clarence Johnston drums. This record is full of Candies and think about it, you even will not have to go to the dentist after this! Five stars, no problem! 1. Oo-Ee! - Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, Edison, Harry "Swee 2. Broadway - Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, Bird, Billy 3. Jawbreakers - Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, Edison, Harry "Swee 4. Four - Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, Davis, Miles 5. Moolah - Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, Edison, Harry "Swee 6. A Gal in Calico - Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, Robin, Leo 7. I've Got a Crush on You - Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, Gershwin, George 8. Close Your Eyes - Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, Petkere, Bernice
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