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"10CC, The Original Soundtrack - 180 Gram w Gatefold Cover" - Product Image
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"10CC, The Original Soundtrack - 180 Gram w Gatefold Cover"

10 CC - ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK - LP is 180 Gram Heavy Vinyl Limited Edition pressing expensive GateFold Cover, From the 1975, The Original Soundtrack is an excellent example of the art-rock genre. Produced by 10cc for PolyGram, they are Queen-esque in sound and vocals with instrumental creativity tossed with a good dose of humorous lyrics. The Original Soundtrack showcases 10cc's sweet, yet ambitious, harmonies combined with layers of instruments, lots of adrenaline, and a bit of crooning in a Dean Martin/Freddie Mercury sort of way. One of the well-known songs on this recording is "I'm Not In Love" which spent three weeks at No. 2 on the chart. 1. Une Nuit A Paris: I. One Night In Paris/II. The Same Night In Paris/III. Later The Same Night... 2. I'm Not In Love 3. Blackmail 4. The Second Sitting For The Last Supper 5. Brand New Day 6. Flying Junk 7. Life Is A Minestrone 8. The Film Of My Love
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