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"AC DC, Let There Be Rock - 180 Gram Silver Sticker" - Product Image
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"AC DC, Let There Be Rock - 180 Gram Silver Sticker"

Collectors Alert: Many of these Simply Vinyl Titles will never be available again. Their license to produce these 180 Gram Masterpieces with Universal Records International has Ended. This means that this specific title is now out of print forever and there are very few remaining is sealed condition. This title is going to skyrocket in value & price over the next few months. So Don't Miss Out on being one of the last people to own this outstanding pressing. THIS COPY WAS THE 1ST EVER 180 GRAM PRESSING EVER AND WAS U.K. PRESSED - TREMENDOUSLY RARE AND OUR LAST COPY FOREVER. The Simply Vinyl Silver Collection is currently the only way a collector can identify if these U.K. Abbey Road Studio pressings are Out of Print First Generation copies of some of the finest heavy vinyl masterpieces ever made. These pressings are tremendously limited in these Silver Edition Pressings and Mymusicfix is down to our last few copies. THESE ORIGINAL 1ST EDITION EUROPEAN HEAVY VINYL LIMITED EDITION 180 GRAM PRESSINGS ARE NOW OUT OF PRINT & BECOMING TREMENDOUSLY RARE. THESE 1ST EDITION PRESSINGS WERE MASTERED IN ANALOG AND THE NEW AMERICAN PRESSINGS SAY NOTHING ABOUT HOW THEY WERE PRESSED AND THAT USUALLY MEANS THEY ARE DIGITAL. BUT NO MATTER WHAT THESE EUROPEAN 1ST EDITIONS IN HEAVY VINYL ARE GOING TO BE WHAT COLLECTORS SEEK OUT BECAUSE IN THE LONG RUN 1ST EDITIONS ARE ALWAYS MORE VALUABLE THEN LATTER PRESSINGS. 180 Gram Limited Edition Collectors masterpiece OUT OF PRINT and one of the last copies remaining in the world factory sealed. Simply Vinyl Analog classic LP (made in England - has the best protective packaging I've seen) high-definition Virgin Vinyl pressing for superior fidelity and this audiophile pressing of this same title is currently selling for $150+. These Limited Editions will be your last opportunity to upgrade your vinyl collection with an Audiophile 180 Gram Heavy Virgin Vinyl Pressing. Once these masterpieces are gone, you will not be able to own this Analog Sonic gem again. Being a part of the vinyl breed who understands that no matter where CD technology has gone or will go, it will never replace the way vinyl breathes life into every track. With its almost biblical overtones, Let There Be Rock came screaming out of Australia in 1977 as AC/DC's first stab at a real album. As a mission statement, it comes across as a fresh start -- a break from the early "novelty" approach to songwriting and a move to the more focused album-oriented view that the band would perfect. Let There Be Rock was the brooding sound of AC/DC putting the world and particularly their critics on notice that their march had really begun, that they were as serious as a cardiac condition with a megaton of amplification. It simply wasn't possible to make more exciting rock and roll. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Track Listings Side One 1. Go Down 2. Dog Eat Dog 3. Let There Be Rock 4. Bad Boy Boogie Side Two 1. Problem Child 2. Overdose 3. Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be 4. Whole Lotta Rosie
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