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"AC DC, Limited Edition Collector's Box Set (15 LPs) - 180 Gram" - Product Image
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"AC DC, Limited Edition Collector's Box Set (15 LPs) - 180 Gram"

180 Gram Limited Edition Analog Virgin Vinyl. Each of the 15 individual remastered vinyl titles complete in one incredible box set! The ultimate collectable for the serious AC/DC enthusiast! THIS IS THE 1ST EDITION RELEASE WITH THE SILVER MARKETING STICKER STILL ATTACHED ON THE PLASTIC WRAP SEALING THE BOX SET. NOW OUT OF PRINT AND PROBABLY ONE OF THE LAST STILL SEALED WITH ALL OF THE ORIGINAL 1ST EDITION 180 GRAM TITLES INCLUDED. Albums Included: "'74 Jailbreak" "High Voltage" "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" "Let There Be Rock" "Powerage" "If You Want Blood You've Got It" Highway To Hell" "Back In Black" "For Those About To Rock We Salute You" "Flick Of The Switch" "Fly On The Wall" "Who Made Who" "Blow Up Your Video" "The Razor Edge" "Live(LP Collector's Edition)". HIGHWAY TO HELL "Given that Bon Scott's hard-partying, sex-booze-and-brawls lifestyle tragically caught up with him some six months after Highway to Hell was released, the album-opening title track -- one of hard rock's all-time classics -- now takes on an eerie resonance. It's not just a snotty, nihilistic party anthem, but a moment of unrepentant self-recognition from a rowdy ruffian who, for better or worse, exulted in what he was. The rest of the songs on Highway to Hell don't lend themselves to any deep readings, but of course, that's not the point. Highway to Hell distilled all the virtues of AC/DC's signature minimalism -- loud, simple, pounding riffs and grooving backbeats -- into the tightest batch of songs the group had written to that point, barreling along at a take-no-prisoners rate and producing a handful of gems." Side One 1. Highway To Hell 2. Girls Got Rhythm 3. Walk All Over You 4. Touch Too Much 5. Beating Around The Bush Side Two 1. Shot Down In Flames 2. Get It Hot 3. If You Want Blood (You've Got It) 4. Love Hungry Man 5. Night Prowler BACK IN BLACK - Back In Black was the group's first album with new vocalist Brian Johnson and was released only five months after Bon Scott's alcohol-related death in early 1980. This album eventually became one of rock's all-time classics. Johnson had the same bluesy edge as Scott but even more power. Back In Black contains such rock anthems as the title track, "Hell's Bells," "Shoot To Thrill," "Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution" and "You Shook Me All Night Long." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Track Listings 1. Back In Black 2. Hells Bells 3. Shoot To Thrill 4. Givin The Dog A Bone 5. What Do You Do For Money Honey 6. Rock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution 7. Let Me Put My Love Into You 8. You Shook Me All Night Long 9. Shake A Leg 10. Have A Drink On Me DIRTY DEEDS DONE CHEAP - Originally released in 1975, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap did not hit the U.S. until 1981 when AC/DC became rock icons the previous year and fans were hungry for more material featuring the band's late singer, Bon Scott. The title track became a concert staple and one of their best-known tracks. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Track Listings Side One 1. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap 2. Love At First Feel 3. Big Balls 4. Rocker 5. Problem Child Side Two 1. There's Gonna Be Some Rockin' 2. Ain't No Fun (Waiting Round To Be A Millionaire) Album Version 3. Ride On 4. Squealer THE RAZOR'S EDGE - At the dawn of the 1990's, rock (and particularly hard rock) was having a massive identity crisis. For that matter, so was AC/DC. While the Seattle bands were dueling with the silly (yet still extremely commercial) hair bands for rooms in fans' hearts, AC/DC were re-grouping, readying their assault for a new generation. Tackling the songwriting themselves, brother Angus and Malcolm Young created The Razor's Edge. Produced by hard rock guru Bruce Fairbairn, AC/DC proved that when it comes to music, fans won't categorize -- as long as it ROCKS! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Track Listings Side One 1. Thunderstruck 2. Fire Your Guns 3. Moneytalks 4. The Razors Edge 5. Mistress For Christmas 6. Rock Your Heart Out Side Two 1. Are You Ready 2. Got You By The Balls 3. Shot Of Love 4. Let's Make It 5. Goodbye And Good Riddance To Bad Luck 6. If You Dare 74 JAILBREAK - '74 Jailbreak features forgotten tracks from the band's early days, with Bon Scott as the lead singer. This one's short but sweet and provides an important glimpse into how AC/DC came to become the world-power rockers we know them as today. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Track Listings Side One 1. Jailbreak 2. You Ain't Got A Hold On Me 3. Show Business Side Two 1. Soul Stripper 2. Baby, Please Don't Go POWERAGE - Merited for its song variety, artistic expression and sonic clarity, Powerage is favored by many aficionados to be AC/DC's most accomplished performance in a studio setting. Recorded in Australia circa 1978, Powerage also ushered in a new era of sorts, for it marked the debut of London, England bassist Cliff Williams, whose driving, eighth-note bottom brought AC/DC's attack to full caliber. The final album to be recorded with production team Vanda & Young during the Bon Scott era, Powerage was their most focused work to date and really showcases Angus Young's fiery guitar playing. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Track Listings Side One 1. Rock 'N' Roll Damnation 2. Down Payment Blues 3. Gimme A Bullet 4. Riff Raff Side Two 1. Sin City 2. What's Next To The Moon 3. Gone Shootin' 4. Up To My Neck In You 5. Kicked In The Teeth IF YOU WANT BLOOD YOU'VE GOT IT - AC/DC's first live release, If You Want Blood You've Got It was recorded in 1978 in support of the Powerage album. It doesn't include as many of the band's all-time classics as Live, but this set showcases the band's early obnoxious antics. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Track Listings Side One 1. Riff Raff Live 2. Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be Live 3. Bad Boy Boogie Live 4. The Jack Live 5. Problem Child Live Side Two 1. Whole Lotta Rosie Live 2. Rock 'N' Roll Damnation Live 3. High Voltage Live 4. Let There Be Rock Live 5. Rocker Live FLICK OF A SWITCH - For Flick Of The Switch, AC/DC ditched producer "Mutt" Lange in an attempt to get back to the raw sound of their roots. Still, record sales were disappointing and their 1980's funk continued. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Track Listings Side One 1. Rising Power 2. This House Is On Fire 3. Flick Of The Switch 4. Nervous Shakedown 5. Landslide Side Two 1. Guns For Hire 2. Deep In The Hole 3. Bedlam In Belgium 4. Badlands 5. Brain Shake FOR THOSE WHO ARE ABOUT TO ROCK WE SALUTE YOU - The title pretty much sums it up -- AC/DC's music is all about the fans. And before you even drop the needle, you KNOW what you're getting yourself into. Pressured to three-peat with super producer "Mutt" Lange, AC/DC labored over the follow-up to mega-selling Back In Black, switching studios several times until the sound was finally just right. For Those About To Rock stands as a testament to the absolute dedication the band has to giving their fans only the best. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Track Listings Side One 1. For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) 2. I Put The Finger On You 3. Let's Get It Up 4. Inject The Venom 5. Snowballed Side Two 1. Evil Walks 2. C.O.D. 3. Breaking The Rules 4. Night Of The Long Knives 5. Spellbound FLY ON YOUR WALL - While Fly On The Wall is not one of AC/DC's most memorable efforts, it does contain a few great songs, including "Shake Your Foundations" and "Sink the Pink" (both of which later appeared on Who Made Who). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Track Listings Side One 1. Fly on the Wall 2. Shake Your Foundations 3. First Blood 4. Danger 5. Sink The Pink Side Two 1. Playing With Girls 2. Stand Up 3. Hell Or High Water 4. Back In Business 5. Send For The Man BLOW UP YOUR VIDEO - Their first new studio album of all-new material in three years, 1988's Blow Up Your Video was AC/DC's most successful album since 1981's For Those About To Rock. Highlights are "Heatseeker" and "That's The Way I Want To Rock & Roll." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Track Listings Side One 1. Heatseeker 2. That's The Way I Wanna Rock 'N' Roll 3. Meanstreak 4. Go Zone 5. Kissin' Dynamite Side Two 1. Nick Of Time 2. Some Sin For Nuthin' 3. Ruff Stuff 4. Two's Up 5. This Means War WHO MADE WHO - AC/DC was already the biggest band in the world when master horror writer (and huge fan) Steven King asked them to contribute music to his 1986 film Maximum Overdrive. Filled with nightmarish images of cars, trucks, jukeboxes and all other types of heavy metal machinery coming to life, the film was perfectly suited to the take-no-prisoners rock of AC/DC. Contributing three new songs to the film, as well as six certifiable rock classics, the soundtrack also re-ignited interest in AC/DC's catalog and made "You Shook Me All Night Long" a staple at MTV. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Track Listings Side One 1. Who Made Who 2. You Shook Me All Night Long 3. D.T. 4. Sink The Pink 5. Ride On Side Two 1. Hells Bells 2. Shake Your Foundations 3. Chase The Ace 4. For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) LET THERE BE ROCK - With its almost biblical overtones, Let There Be Rock came screaming out of Australia in 1977 as AC/DC's first stab at a real album. As a mission statement, it comes across as a fresh start -- a break from the early "novelty" approach to songwriting and a move to the more focused album-oriented view that the band would perfect. Let There Be Rock was the brooding sound of AC/DC putting the world and particularly their critics on notice that their march had really begun, that they were as serious as a cardiac condition with a megaton of amplification. It simply wasn't possible to make more exciting rock and roll. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Track Listings Side One 1. Go Down 2. Dog Eat Dog 3. Let There Be Rock 4. Bad Boy Boogie Side Two 1. Problem Child 2. Overdose 3. Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be 4. Whole Lotta Rosie AC/DC LIVE - Recorded on the Razor's Edge 1991 tour, AC/DC Live captures the hype and excitement that made AC/DC such a hit in concert. The set list centers around the band's biggest hard-rock hits like "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap," "Highway To Hell," "Hells Bells" and "Back In Black." The sound is excellent, raw and powerful. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Track Listings Side One 1. Thunderstruck 2. Shoot To Thrill 3. Back In Black 4. Sin City 5. Who Made Who 6. Fire Your Guns Side Two 1. Jailbreak 2. The Jack 3. The Razors Edge 4. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap Side Three 1. Hells Bells 2. Heatseeker 3. That's The Way I Wanna Rock 'N' Roll 4. High Voltage 5. You Shook Me All Night Long Side Four 1. Whole Lotta Rosie 2. Let There Be Rock 3. Highway To Hell 4. T.N.T. 5. For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) HIGH VOLTAGE - AC/DC's debut album. This is pure rock at its absolute rawest. The tunes are rude, sometimes even sexist. High Voltage screams of the band's early hard-partying lifestyle. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Track Listings Side One 1. It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'N' Roll) 2. Rock 'N' Roll Singer 3. The Jack 4. Live Wire Side Two 1. T.N.T. 2. Can I Sit Next To You Girl 3. Little Lover 4. She's Got Balls 5. High Voltage
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