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"AC DC, The Razors Edge - 180 Gram First Edition" - Product Image
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"AC DC, The Razors Edge - 180 Gram First Edition"

THIS TITLE IS THE ORIGINAL 1ST EDITION OF THIS LIMITED EDITION 180 GRAM AUDIOPHILE PRESSING WITH THE ORIGINAL SILVER MARKETING STICKER THAT WAS ONLY ATTACHED TO THESE 1ST EDITIONS. At the dawn of the 1990's, rock (and particularly hard rock) was having a massive identity crisis. For that matter, so was AC/DC. While the Seattle bands were dueling with the silly (yet still extremely commercial) hair bands for rooms in fans' hearts, AC/DC were re-grouping, readying their assault for a new generation. Tackling the songwriting themselves, brother Angus and Malcolm Young created The Razor's Edge. Produced by hard rock guru Bruce Fairbairn, AC/DC proved that when it comes to music, fans won't categorize -- as long as it ROCKS! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Track Listings Side One 1. Thunderstruck 2. Fire Your Guns 3. Moneytalks 4. The Razors Edge 5. Mistress For Christmas 6. Rock Your Heart Out Side Two 1. Are You Ready 2. Got You By The Balls 3. Shot Of Love 4. Let's Make It 5. Goodbye And Good Riddance To Bad Luck 6. If You Dare
SKU Number: DOLP 80213
Price: $74.99