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"Alan Parsons, I Robot MFSL JVC Half-Speed UHQR 200 Gram Box Set " - Product Image
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"Alan Parsons, I Robot MFSL JVC Half-Speed UHQR 200 Gram Box Set "

ALAN PARSONS - I ROBOT - MFSL SEALED LP - This is a MFSL Super Virgin Vinyl 200 GRAM UHQR JVC Half-Speed Japanese BOX SET Pressing. THESE WERE VERY LIMITED PRESSINGS FROM THE 80'S. THEY WERE THE FIRST EVER HEAVY VINYL AUDIOPHILE PRESSINGS. IT'S A TRUE COLLECTORS DREAM TO OWN ONE OF THESE MASTERPIECES. A recording from the Victor Company of Japan for state of the art audiophile pressings. This MFSL LP was pressed in Japan before Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs eventually pressed their Lps in the United States. The LP was Half-Speed Mastered with the Ortofon Cutting System from the Original Stereo Master Tapes. This MFSL LP has a special static free, dust free inner sleeve and heavy-duty protective packaging. This LP has been Out of Print for 25 years and a bonafide audiophile's collectible. The man behind the recording of Dark Side of the Moon is none other than Alan Parsons. If you want to hear what is his definitive recording and a bit of the Dark Side then this is it. I Robot was produced and engineered by Alan at Abbey Road Studios and is an audiophile's dream recording. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Track Listings 1. I Robot 2. I Wouldn't Want You To Be Like Me 3. Some Other Time 4. Breakdown 5. Don't Let It Show 6. The Voice 7. Nucleus 8. Day After Day 9. Total Eclipse 10. Genesis Ch. 1 V.32
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