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"Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers, Caravan"

ART BLAKEY & THE JAZZ MESSENGERS - CARAVAN Out of Print FACTORY SEALED Classic Analog LP - This album was given to me as an assignment to study the form of the tunes and phrasing of solos. My teacher has listened to my comments heard me play, and usually tries to recommend albums that open me up to something I can connect to. This wasn't the first album I have studied by his assignment so I trusted his selection without reserve. For example, he had passed me Crescent (probably the best studio recording John Coltrane ever did), Art Pepper meets the Rhythm Section (Philly Joe Jones solos here are ones I...and maybe every other drummer has memorized), and Somethin' Else (Miles as a sideman...sort of). Caravan has taken its place amongst the recordings I hold close to my soul. "This is for Albert" alone is an incredible tune, and I have spent enough time to justify buying this album ten times over with only that song. The tune is difficult to navigate and Art Blakey, like a master moves the song along with delicate rhyth-melodic phrasing. The sound attracted me. Listening to Freddie Hubbard on the whole album he is so energetic, so nineteen years old! And he interacts with the group so well. Art Blakey was an incredible leader, putting such youth and experience together and coming out with a monumental recording. Thermo is a premonition to the F Hubbard sound which has carved its own place in the history of jazz. The title track is also a masterful accomplishment. Art Blakey is a hard drummer, but that is Art Blakey....you try it and make that musical, because he does. It isnt just showmanship, there is more there to recognize. Mr Gray's sentiments are not mine to contradict or disregard, I just want you to know that what he wrote is not the end definition for this record. 1. Caravan - Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers 2. Sweet 'N' Sour - Art Blakey, Art Blakey 3. In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning - Art Blakey, Art Blakey 4. This Is for Albert - Art Blakey, Art Blakey 5. Skylark - Art Blakey, Art Blakey
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