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"Blue Mitchell, Blue's Moods (2LPs Low #139 Pressing) - 45 speed" - Product Image
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"Blue Mitchell, Blue's Moods (2LPs Low #139 Pressing) - 45 speed"

BLUE MITCHELL - BLUE MOODS - 45 RPM SEALED 2 LP SET LIMITED EDITION NUMBERED #138 OF THE 1000 PIECES EVER PRESSED. Here's How it was done: Using only the original analog master tapes, the renowned team of Steve Hoffman & Kevin Gray remastered and cut all of the titles at AcousTech Mastering, which features a pure Class-A disc-cutting system. AcousTech is located at Record Technology, Inc. the plant where the vinyl was pressed. It is a tremendous sonic advantage to have the pressing plant plating department & mastering room in the same facility as Steve & Kevin could cut a lacquer and plated immediately. This prevents the degradation of the grooves in a lacquer which is very fragile to quick deterioration. And of course cutting at 45 speed is the audiophile choice for the highes quality. A 45-RPM record is sonically superior to a 33 1/3 variety because of a 35 percent reduction of groove curvature compared to a 33 1/3 cut.. It means that while you can't fit as much music into a 45, the undukations of the groove that your cartridge has to track are stretched over a longer distance. For these reissues, the music was displaced onto four sides, meaning each side contains about 10 minutes of music. This is the ultimate reissues. The only way you'll get closer to this classic music is to listen to the master tapes or have been in the studio with the artist originally during the actual session. Blue Mitchell possessed one of the truly individual trumpet sounds: richly melodic but always strong -- clearly in the tradition of Clifford Brown, but very much his own voice. The series of Riverside albums that established him on the jazz scene, beginning at the end of the 1950s, usually presented him in at least three-horn ensembles; this was his only quartet set. Fully in the spotlight, Mitchell moves most effectively through a widely varied repertoire that covers standards, blues, originals and a Charlie Parker classic. There is flawless rhythm support from all-stars Wynton Kelly and Sam Jones and drummer Roy Brooks (Blue's bandmate during part of his many years with the Horace Silver Quintet). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Track Listings 1. I'll Close My Eyes 2. Avars 3. Scrapple From The Apple 4. Kinda Vague 5. Sir John 6. When I Fall In Love 7. Sweet Pumpkin 8. I Wish I Knew
SKU Number: DOLP 9336
Price: $199.99