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"Bob Dylan, 3 Japanese Pressed CD Set - HIGHWAY 61, BLONDE ON BLONDE & BRINGING IT ALL BACK HOME" - Product Image
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BOB DYLAN HIGHWAY 61 - BLONDE ON BLONDE & BRINGING IT ALL BACK HOME - RARE JAPAN 3 CD SET This is a Japanese Rare re-mastered Mini LP replica Limited Edition Collection CD - only 2,000 Collector pieces made world-wide and are immediately Out of Print. Recorded from the finest Original Masters available. Comes with anti-static sleeves similar to Vinyl LPs, Cardboard packaging exact to the original LP, re-sealable plastic wrap cases for protection of the collectible Actual miniaturized version of the 12" LP in 4" CD version. BLONDE ON BLONDE, Dylan's landmark double LP from 1966, is considered by most Dylan-philes as his masterpiece. By blending a rich tapestry of blues, country, folk and rock, BLONDE ON BLONDE is an album of limitless depth filled with lyrical and musical revelations. Recorded in Nashville with Al Kooper and Robbie Robertson, as well as other fabulous session players, the album is filled with cutting guitar riffs and liquid organ fills. Songs like "Rainy Day women #12 & 35", "Visions of Johanna", and "Just Like A Woman" are just a few examples of why this album remains as powerful today as it was in 1966. BRINGING IT ALL BACK HOME - Recorded in three short days in January 1965, Bringing It All Back Home found Dylan "going electric" and gaining his first Top 40 airplay with "Subterranean Homesick Blues." This LP Changed Rock Forever. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Track Listings 1. Subterranean Homesick Blues 2. She Belongs to Me 3. Maggie's Farm 4. Love Minus Zero/No Limit 5. Outlaw Blues 6. On the Road Again 7. Bob Dylan's 115th Dream 8. Mr. Tambourine Man 9. Gates of Eden 10. It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) 11. It's All over Now, Baby Blue HWY 61 - Taking the first, electric side of Bringing It All Back Home to its logical conclusion, Bob Dylan hired a full rock & roll band, featuring guitarist Michael Bloomfield, for Highway 61 Revisited. Opening with the epic "Like a Rolling Stone," Highway 61 Revisited careens through nine songs that range from reflective folk-rock and blues to flat-out garage rock. Highway 61 Revisited had not only changed Dylan's sound, but his persona, trading the folk troubadour for a streetwise, cynical hipster. Highway 61 Revisited proved that rock & roll needn't be collegiate and tame in order to be literate, poetic and complex. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Track Listings 1. Like A Rolling Stone 2. Tombstone Blues 3. It Takes A Lot To Laught, It Takes A Train To Cry 4. From A Buick 6 5. Ballad of A Thin Man 6. Queen Jane Approximately 7. Highway 61 Revisited 8. Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues 9. Desolation Row
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