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"Bob Dylan, Blonde On Blonde - Gold Sticker" - Product Image
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"Bob Dylan, Blonde On Blonde - Gold Sticker"

Simply Vinyl 180 gram Gram Limited Edition Analog Virgin Vinyl - Gold Sticker- , voted the #9 rock & roll album of all time. This 1966 landmark double LP is considered by most Dylan-philes as his masterpiece. By blending a rich tapestry of blues, country, folk and rock, "Blonde On Blonde" is an album of limitless depth filled with lyrical and musical revelations. Recorded in Nashville with Al Kooper and Robbie Robertson, as well as other fabulous session players, the album is filled with cutting guitar riffs and liquid organ fills. Songs like "Rainy Day women #12 & 35", "Visions of Johanna", and "Just Like A Woman" are just a few examples of why it remains to this day as a classic.
SKU Number: 5110
Price: $99.99