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"Booker T & The MG's - 3 LP Set"

BOOKER T & THE MG'S - THE BOOKER T SET - MCLEMORE AVE & THE MELTING POT - THREE LP SET THESE ALBUMS ARE APART OF THE MOST INTERESTING TRACK LISTINGS YOU WILL EVER LISTEN TO ON VINYL. MYMUSICFIX GIVES THESE LP'S OUR HIGHEST RATING & PLACE'S IT AS ONE OF OUR FIXPICKS AS ALBUMS THAT IS A MOST IN ANY COLLECTION. A COVER TO COVER MASTERPIECES. Out of Print FACTORY SEALED Classic LP - Collectors Note: This limited edition pressing is now out of print & gone from the last distributor that had any of these pressing left within their inventory. This means that this specific title is "Here Today but For Sure Gone Tomorrow Forever". So Don't Miss Out on adding this to your collection beacuse mymusicfix only has a couple copies left forever. High definition analog vinyl pressing for superior fidelity. The nicest thing you can do for your stylus and ears. The ultimate record - the way music was meant to be heard. MCLEMORE AVENUE - Stax Reissue of 1970 album on the Stax label for the r&b combo, known as the house band of the Stax label, featuring four tracks, that is three Beatles medleys & the track 'Something'. 1. Medley: Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End/Here Comes the Sun/Co 2. Something 3. Medley: Because/You Never Give Me Your Money 4. Medley: Sun King/Mean Mr. Mustard/Polythene Pam/She Came in Through the MELTING POT - Booker T. Jones and his "Memphis Group" are most famous for their 1962 instrumental hit "Green Onions", which is one of the most recognisable instrumental songs ever. It was a No.3 hit in the pop charts when it was released, and has been used in many TV shows and adverts, films and video game soundtracks. They have had other hits too, most notably "Soul Limbo" and "Melting Pot", which have also both been licensed to TV shows and soundtracks. Aside from recording their own work, the group was the house band for Stax Records, one of the most famous soul labels of the 60s. Hits that featured Booker T & The MGs include: "Soul Man" by Sam & Dave, "Try A Little Tenderness" (and many others) by Otis Redding, "Knock On Wood" by Eddie Floyd, and "Who's Making Love?" by Johnnie Taylor. They also frequently collaborated with Isaac Hayes, and guitarist Steve Cropper became one of Stax's best songwriters and producers. It is said that The Beatles were big fans of Booker T & The MGs, and wanted to collaborate with them as they found Cropper's guitar-playing inspirational MELTING POT - GERMAN AUDIOPHILE PRESSING - 1. Melting Pot 2. Back Home 3. Chicken Pox 4. Fuquawui 5. Kinda Easy Like 6. Hi Ride 7. L.A. Jazz Song 8. Sunny Monday THE SET Track Listings 1. Horse 2. Love Child 3. Sing a Simple 4. Lady Madonna 5. Mrs. Robinson 6. This Guy's in Love With You 7. Light My Fire 8. Michelle 9. You're All I Need to Get By 10. I've Never Found a Girl (To Love Me Like You Do) 11. It's Your Thing As usual, another wonderful set from Booker T. & the MG's. CAPTURE THE SOUL BAND OF STAX RECORDS. Entirely beautiful soul music from beginning to end, with lots of nice touches from everyone in the band.....as usual! Listen and Believe. FAVE TRACKS: Sing A Simple Song, It's Your Thing.....ahhhh, what am I saying- THEY'RE ALL FAVE TRACKS! Cheers Mssrs Jones, Cropper, Dunn, and the late, great Al Jackson, Jr. Buy it!
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