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"Bruce Hornsby & The Range, Scenes From The Southside" - Product Image
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"Bruce Hornsby & The Range, Scenes From The Southside"

Bruce Hornsby and the Range burst onto the music scene at the end of 1986 with the #1 smash "The Way It Is". Two trademarks of the Hornsby sound was the incredible piano work and what would soon become known as the "Virginia sound". By mid 1988, Hornsby's second album was released. This album, "Scenes From the Southside" does not disappoint. It capitalizes on those two trademarks, but with a much stronger set of sounds - Joe Puerta and George Marinelli provide some outstanding background vocals on many of the songs. Huey Lewis guests on one song and has his influence felt on another. Bruce Hornsby and John Hornsby provide the lyrics to what is some very strong songwriting. The Top 10 hit on the album was "The Valley Road". "The Show Goes On" was used in the movie "Backdraft", and "The Old Playground" was "Hornsby's ticket to the NBA". This song was used in NBA Basketball commercials. "Jacob's Ladder" was a #1 hit by Huey Lewis and the News about a year before this album was released. This is the second Huey influenced song. Huey and Hornsby have a history together as Huey sang a duet with Bruce on "The Long Race" on "The Way it Is" album. If you liked the Huey version, you'll love this version. Plus you are getting it from one of the original authors - Bruce himself. This album is a must buy for Hornsby and non-Hornsby fans alike. Tracks Include: "Look Out Any Window" "The Valley Road" "I Will Walk With You" "The Road Not Taken" "The Show Goes On" "The Old Playground" "Defenders Of The Flag" "Jacob's Ladder" "Till The Dreaming's Done"
SKU Number: DOLP 6686
Price: $39.99