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"Chicago, 18 LP" - Product Image
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"Chicago, 18 LP"

CHICAGO 18 . Here is your last chance to own the original pressing Out of Print FACTORY SEALED Analog LP with small cutout on jacket but contains all the original LP picture sleeve LP insert. analog vinyl pressing - the way music was meant to be heard. Out of Print forever!! What a delicious dish of melodic rock and pop! From the open, with Niagara Falls, it becomes clear that this album is not a 'pick-me-upper' as 17 was. Niagara Falls is a very somber song with a driving beat, which seems to jump ahead of itself in its anticipation as the vocals overlap. Splendid effort on Jason Scheff's part. The album proceeds through Forever, an elegant Robert Lamm work, and then If She Would Have Been Faithful, which (along with Will You Still Love Me?) doesn't seem to fit with the industrialized sound of the remainder of the album. The sound fits well with the more sleek voice of Jason, the newcomer to replace Peter Cetera. As for the atrocious cover of 25 or 6 to 4, it sounds like one of the boys said to the other, "You know what? Let's do the song like Genesis would if they did it!" Think about it. The drum machine sounds strikingly familiar to something off Invisible Touch. Then is Will You Still Love Me? which once again doesn't fit with the somber, machined feel of the album, but is never the less a fantastic song. All in all, a great effort from Chicago, and an excellent follow-up. For every ounce of pep and vigor in Chicago 17, there is contemplation and commentary in 18, a welcome change in my eyes.
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