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"Chicago, 19 LP" - Product Image
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"Chicago, 19 LP"

CHICAGO 19 . Here is your last chance to own the original pressing Out of Print FACTORY SEALED Analog LP with small cutout on jacket but contains all the original LP picture sleeve LP insert. analog vinyl pressing - the way music was meant to be heard. Out of Print forever!! a lot of people will say that Chicago is not as good now as they were back in the 70's and that they should've never changed their style. The thing is, if they had kept the same exact style of music that they started with, they wouldn't of made it through the 80's. They made the change based on the fact that that style was where the money was. This album shows that they are a multi-talented group. Most of the songs were hits as singles. One little note from another review. Peter Cetera was not on this album. He left the group in 1985, three years prior to the release of this album. The tenor that you hear is actually Jason Scheff who replaced Cetera as both the tenor voice and bass player.
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