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"Dave Brubeck, Jazz At Oberlin" - Product Image
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"Dave Brubeck, Jazz At Oberlin"

DAVE BRUBECK - JAZZ AT OBERLIN - with this out of print edition unique marketing sticker with information about the artist and personnel involved in this masterpiece. Only available on this limited edition STICKER pressing. FACTORY SEALED LP - Analog vinyl pressing for superior fidelity. This was made before the group really hit it big with "Take Five" or "Blue Rondo A La Turk". The chemistry between Brubeck and Desmond is unbeleievable! The highlights are "How High the Moon" & listen to Desmond's solo! It's one of the best solo's I ever heard Desmond take! Brubeck's solo on "The Way You Look Tonight" is a favorite solo of his on the entire album. And on "Perdido" the group really swings! If you listen closely you'll hear just how great Ron Crotty(Bass) and Lloyd Davis(Drums) kept perfect time with Desmond and Brubeck. YOU HAVE TO HEAR IT ...TO BELIEVE IT! Track Listings 1. These Foolish Things 2. Perdido 3. Stardust 4. Way You Look Tonight 5. How High the Moon
SKU Number: DOLP 3245
Price: $49.99