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"Duke Ellington, Jazz Party in Stereo - 180 Gram" - Product Image
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"Duke Ellington, Jazz Party in Stereo - 180 Gram"

DUKE ELLINGTON - ORIGINAL CLASSIC RECORDS 180 GRAM PRESSING - JAZZ PARTY - RARE 180 GRAM PRESSING JAZZ PARTY IN STEREO - 180 GRAM CLASSIC RECORDS AUDIOPHILE SEALED LP - THIS 180 GRAM PRESSING WAS PROBABLY CLASSIC RECORDS MOST LIMITED PRESSING EVER. WHEN THE COST OF PETROLEUM WENT UP TO $150 A BARREL THE COST OF PRODUCING VINYL IN 200 GRAM WEIGHTS WAS JUST TOO EXPENSIVE . SO FOR A LIMITED RUN CLASSIC RECORDS WENT TO PRESSING VINYL IN 180 GRAM WEIGHTS. THEN WHEN OIL DROPPED TO $50 A BARREL THE 200 GRAM WEIGHTS CAME BACK. THESE 180 GRAM PRESSINGS IF YOU CAN FIND ONE HAD A TREMENDOUSLY SHORT RUN AND MOST WERE ONLY PRESSED IN A FEW HUNDRED PIECES. A COLLECTORS LIMITED EDITION DREAM. ESPECIALLY SINCE CLASSIC RECORDS NOW HAS MOST OF ITS PREVIOUS TITLES OUT OF PRINT. The tremendously detailed audio effect achieved by Columbia's engineers is brought back to life by Classic Records. Dizzy's spectacular trumpet blooms amidst the Ellingtonian aggregate. The sometimes tender, sometimes shouting blues style of Jimmy Rushing provides nice contrast in one of the most varied and satisfying Ellington recordings ever. Musicians: Dizzy Gillespie, Ray Nance, Clark Terry, Cat Anderson, Shorty Baker, Andres Ford, trumpets Johnny Hodges, Paul Gonzalves, Harry Carney, Jimmy Hamilton, Russell Procope, saxophones Britt Woodman, Quentin Jackson, John Sanders, trombones Duke Ellington, Jimmy Jones, piano Jimmy Woode, bass Sam Woodyard, drums Jimmy Rushing, vocalist Morris Goldenberg, George Gaber, Elden C. Bailey, Chauncey Morehouse, Harry Breuer, Robert M. Rosengarden, Walter E. Rosenberger, Bradley Spinney, Milton Schlesinger, percussionists Selections: 1. Malletoba Spank 2. Toot Suite: Red Garter - Red Shoes - Red Carpet (Part 1) Red Carpet (Part 2) Red Carpet (Part 3)... 3. Satin Doll 4. U.M.M.G. 5. All Of Me 6. Tymperturbably Blue 7. Fillie Trillie 8. Hello Little Girl
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