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"Elvis Presley, That's The Way It Is - MFSL Factory Sealed Gold CD (with J-Card)"

U.S. Pressed with J-Card -- Ultradisc II ELVIS PRESLEY - THAT'S THE WAY IT IS - MFSL SEALED GOLD That's The Way It Is represents one of Elvis' best albums from the 1970's. It is a mixture of live recordings and studio mixes. But it should not be confused with the original soundtrack from the documentary of the same name that is different. Elvis sings every song with feeling and really puts his heart into the music. It is a good record (CD) throughout. And while I would not put it in the top 5 of his greatest albums, it would certainly be in his top 10 - a record that is well worth owning and listening to. Where Elvis really sores on this album is on the live tracks. "Patch It Up" written by the late, great, Eddie Rabbit is an up tempo pop song that Elvis sings to the hilt and the band plays hard. His version of "You've Lost That Loving Feeling" is probably the best remake of the Righteous Brothers classic that I have ever heard. It's different in sound than the masterful original but like that version, it is very soulful. Elvis gets inside the song and jokes in this live version, "Baby, Baby I'd get down on my knees to you, If this suit wasn't too tight." He was slender at the time and his good humor serves for comic relief amidst the seriousness of a man looking for a second chance with his woman. The other outstanding performance on this album is "Bridge Over Troubled Water". To equal the original classic, once voted the greatest song of the 1970's, is no easy task. But in this version Elvis does just that. Masterfully reflecting the eloquent lyrics, he sings them with both drama and panache. His voice soars, the back-up singers voices soar and Elvis leaves his listeners wasted. It's light opera, it's pop, it's musical theater all rolled up into one and it represents one of Elvis' best and most powerful ballads from the 1970's. It's no coincidence that this song was a staple in his live concerts throughout that decade. Coming close to this brilliant performance is "I've Lost You". This is a beautifully written piece of adult contemporary pop describing a marriage where love and chemistry have disappeared and a child is involved. The lyrics are sad and the orchestration is thoughtful. Yet Elvis performs it with such exhuberance; he almost sounds happy. Perhaps it was the joy of singing to a live audience coming through. (The studio version of this song better reflects the lyrics.) Whatever the reasons for Elvis' jubilation on the track, it represents one of those little paradoxes that he was famous for with those who knew him best. Nevertheless, it's still a gem of a song. If you're a guy and you buy this album, invite your girlfriend over to listen to it. By the time it finishes she just might like you even more than she did before. If you're a lady and you buy this album; when you're done listening to it, you'll probably wish you had dated Elvis.
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