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"Genesis, 5 LP Set of 180 Gram LPs" - Product Image
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"Genesis, 5 LP Set of 180 Gram LPs"

GENESIS - STARTS WITH THREE CLASSIC RECORDS 1st Edition Limited Edition Audiophile Mastered LP (from the Original Session Tapes and out of print forever) was mastered by Classic Records. TWO INDIVIDUAL SIMPLY VINYL U.K. 180 GRAM MASTERPIECES LONG OUT OF PRINT 1ST EDITIONS 180 GRAM PRESSING. TOTAL OF 5 RARE LIMITED 180 GRAM 1ST EDITIONS. THIS IS A ONE TIME ONLY OFFERING - ONCE SOLD GONE FOREVER. ALL TITLES CAN BE PURCHASE INDIVIDUALLY IN OUR MYMUSICFIX GENESIS SECTION. THESE MASTERPIECES HAVE OFFICIALLY GONE OUT OF PRINT FOREVER ON SEPTEMBER 1ST 2007. THESE AUDIOPHILE GEMS WILL GO THRU THE ROOF AS THE MOST VALUED PRESSING EVER ON VINYL. MYMUSICFIX SEES THIS TITLE SELLING IN THE MONTHS TO COME FOR $300+ IN THE OUT OF PRINT COLLECTORS MARKET - DON'T MISS OUT ON SOME OF OUR LAST COPIES FOREVER. Classic Records has proven to be an Audiophile Company second to none in the new millennium. But Classic Records, unlike other top Audiophile Companies, does not place Limited Edition numbers on their LP jackets. 5 years ago, Classic Records changed their vinyl weight from 180 gram to 200 gram. Mymusicfix knows no expert that has been able to decipher a true difference in quality with this 20 gram weight increase. IN FACT MOST COLLECTORS BELEIVE THESE 180 GRAM PRESSINGS WERE CLASSIC RECORDS FINEST HOUR. This Genesis A NURSERY CRYME Pressing has been critically acclaimed as the quietest and finest ever produced of this recording. It is a new listening experience that will virtually feel as if you were in the studio with them. Enter Phil Collins and Steve Hackett for a set that elipsed its predecessor (seventies TRESPASS) in technical ability. The 10-minute opener "The Music Box" benefiting from jazz influenced playing was a far cry from the delicate folk rock tapestries and chiming 12-string guitars of its predecessor. The infusion of a semi-classical structural sensibility had become more prevelant. Fragile ballads are at a minimum replaced by driving classic rock epics full with heavy guitar, baselines, and sweeping mellotrone. The sound occasionally recalls the refined but uncompromising instrumental attack of the Nice (particularly in Tony Banks/Keith Emerson-ish blast of organ bravura). The interlocking guitar and folky moments are still present, however, providing contrast to NURSERY CRYME's bolder moments. The group's sophisticated compositional style and Peter Gabriel's eccenric lyrics are at their height on "The Return Of The Giant Hogweed", "The Fountain Of Slamacis" and "The Music Box SELLING ENGLAND BY THE POUND - Released in 1973 (the same year as their Live set) Genesis was by now one of the fastest rising groups on the pop scene. The band's blend of classical instinct, theatrical presentation and whimsical, complex and daring arrangements put them in the same class as Yes, ELP, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, and Jethro Tull as leaders of the British Progressive Rock era. Back in the studio where they could continue to experiment, the resulting Selling England By The Pound is considered (by some) equal to their masterpiece Lamb Lies Down on Broadway. Truly a group effort and a great album of the 70s! In shades of things to come, drummer Phil Collins makes his vocal debut here on "More Fool Me". -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Track Listings 1. Dancing With the Moonlit Knight 2. I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) 3. Firth of Fifth 4. More Fool Me 5. The battle of Epping Forest 6. After the Ordeal 7. The Cinema Show 8. Aisle of Plenty LIVE - From very early on, Genesis was intensely interested in the staging of live shows. This wasn't just a concert, and this isn't just a live album. It is filled with moments of power (the closing section of "Musical Box") -- not so subtle political commentary ("Get 'Em Out By Friday") and even humor when a bass string is errantly sounded between songs and Peter Gabriel announces "That was an unaccompanied bass solo by Michael Rutherford." It is a perfect representation of a group of brilliant young men who took their music very seriously, but never themselves. This recording shows them in their elemental form. Other included tracks are: The Return Of The Giant Hogweed -The Knife - Watcher Of The Skies. PLUS THESE RARE INDIVIDUAL RELEASES - BOTH TREMENDOUSLY RARE 180 GRAM U.K. SIMPLY VINYL SILVER EDITION MASTERPIECES - EACH LONG OUT OF PRINT - The Simply Vinyl Silver Collection is currently the only way a collector can identify if these U.K. Abbey Road Studio pressings are Out of Print First Generation copies of some of the finest heavy vinyl masterpieces ever made. Mymusicfix has an exclusive list of these Silver Edition titles you will not find at any Audiophile Vinyl Dealer anywhere (Silver Collection refers to the marketing sticker attached on the front and back of the sealed product - not the Second Generation and beyond Gold Stickers). They are known to be some of the finest rock titles ever pressed in Limited Edition Heavy Virgin Vinyl with the best protective packaging ever within the Industry. Some of these titles were pressed by American Audiophile Companies (like the original Out of Business owners of DCC, CBSMasterSound or Nautilus.) and have sold for up to $300 for a Factory Sealed copy. These Simply Vinyl Silver Editions are now starting to reach the $100 value per copy in the Vinyl Collector's Market. All the titles Mymusicfix is listing in this newsletter are what we classify as "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow" Collector's titles. These pressings are tremendously limited in these Silver Edition Pressings and Mymusicfix is down to our last few copies. Don't Miss Out on these Rare Out Of Print Pressings - Enjoy being one of the last people in the world to own one of these Silver Limited Edition heavy vinyl gems. SIMPLY VINYL IN FACT HAS NOW STOP PRESSING ALL 180 GRAM WEIGHT U.K. PRESSINGS AND HAVE DECREASED THERE WEIGHT TO WHAT THEY CALL HEAVY VINYL. SO NOW ALL SIMPLY VINYL 180 GRAM PRODUCTS ARE OUT OF PRINT AND COLLECTORS GEMS PHIL COLLINS - HELLO I MUST BE GOING - If you are considering divorcing a rock star, let HELLO, I MUST BE GOING serve as warning of what you're likely to face once the papers have been signed and the settlements agreed upon. Collins got the last word on his relationship with first wife, Jill (he actually addresses her by name on the album), and managed to deliver it to millions of homes via this album. Tracks include - I Don't Care Anymore - I Cannot Believe It's True - Do You Know, Do You Care? - It Don't Matter To Me - Like China - Thru These Walls - Don't Let Him Steal Your Heart Away - West Side - Why Can't It Wait Till Morning - and a lively remake of The Supremes, You Can't Hurry Love. MIKE RUTHERFORD & THE MECHANICS - THE LIVING YEARS Paul Young, one of the two lead singers for MIKE & THE MECHANICS, unexpectedly passed away in 2000 from a heart attack at the age of 53. He was a brilliant singer, with a full, rich, powerful voice, as well as an amazing performer. Besides Paul Young's amazing vocal work throughout (and Paul Carrack's too, of course), what strikes the listener about LIVING YEARS is how wonderfully crafted each and every song is. Whether rockers, ballads, or mid-tempo stuff, Mike Rutherford (of Genesis) and the boys have made a pop-rock album that simply glows. The album immediately gets your attention with the striking "Nobody's Perfect,": sung marvelously by Paul Young. This is followed by the classic title song, sung beautifully by Paul Carrack, about losing someone you love before telling them everything you wanted to say to them. "Seeing Is Believing" is very catchy and is another great vocal showcase for Paul Young, "Nobody Knows" perfectly captures the mood of reminiscing over someone you've let go in a relationship, and "Poor boy down" is a strong punchy tune that again allows Paul Young to strut his stuff at the mike. The band goes into rocker-overdrive with the powerful "Blame", showcasing Mike Rutherford's furious attack on the guitar during the bridge. Track Listings 1. Nobody's Perfect 2. Living Years 3. Seeing Is Believing 4. Nobody Knows 5. Poor Boy Down 6. Blame 7. Don't 8. Black and Blue 9. Beautiful Day 10. Why Me?
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