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"Genesis, Wind & Wuthering - OBI Mini LP Replica In A CD - Japanese - Bonus DVD" - Product Image
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"Genesis, Wind & Wuthering - OBI Mini LP Replica In A CD - Japanese - Bonus DVD"

Artist: Genesis (U.K. Band) Release Date: Jul 25, 2007 Format: CD Record Label: EMI UPC: 4988006855335 Genre: Rock Duration: Album or EP Sub-Genre: Progressive & Art Rock Special Attributes: Import, Remastered, Special Edition Distributor: Psp Recording type: Studio SPAR Code: DDD Genesis: Phil Collins (vocals, drums); Mike Rutherford (guitar, bass); Steve Hackett (guitar); Tony Banks (piano, keyboards, synthesizers). Recorded at Relight Studios, Hilvarerenbeek, Holland. Peter Gabriel was such a charismatic frontman and unique singer/lyricist that many assumed Genesis would fold after his departure. WIND & WUTHERING proved that there was much to the group than just Gabriel's talents. Drummer Phil Collins, who'd sung a couple of songs on previous albums, had taken over lead vocal duties on the previous A TRICK OF THE TAIL, with surprisingly successful results. His voice wasn't as edgy as Gabriel's, but was a bit more palatable to mass audiences, and the group's popularity continued to grow. Many of the songs here pick up musically where LAMB and TRICK OF THE TAIL left off, with sharply focused tunes that show off the group's prog-rock chops without getting too bombastic. There are some new developments as well. The instrumental "Wot Gorilla?" is a tasty, fusion-tinged piece that bears echoes of Collins' work with jazz-rockers Brand X. This song and others show Tony Banks's increased use of synthesizer. The most precipitous change is the introduction of a commercial ballad sensibility with the light, romantic "Your Own Special Way." This tune marked a direction Collins would explore further with Genesis in the years to come. WIND AND WUTHERING - 1. Eleventh Earl of Mar 2. One for the Vine 3. Your Own Special Way 4. Wot Gorilla? 5. All in a Mouse's Night 6. Blood on the Rooftops 7. Unquiet Slumbers for the Sleepers... 8. ...In That Quiet Earth 9. Afterglow Disc: 2 1. Eleventh Earl of Mar [5.1 Surround Mix][Multimedia Track] 2. One for the Vine [5.1 Surround Mix][Multimedia Track] 3. Your Own Special Way [5.1 Surround Mix][Multimedia Track] 4. Wot Gorilla? [5.1 Surround Mix][Multimedia Track] 5. All in a Mouse's Night [5.1 Surround Mix][Multimedia Track] 6. Blood on the Rooftops [5.1 Surround Mix][Multimedia Track] 7. Unquiet Slumbers for the Sleepers... [5.1 Surround Mix][Multimedia Trac 8. ...In That Quiet Earth [5.1 Surround Mix][Multimedia Track] 9. Afterglow [5.1 Surround Mix][Multimedia Track] 10. Your Own Special Way [DVD] 11. Afterglow [DVD] 12. Eleventh Earl of Mar [DVD] 13. One for the Vine [DVD] 14. Your Own Special Way [DVD] 15. Bonus Materials [DVD][*] Editorial reviews ...Another tentative nod towards radio play I same with Rutherford's 'Your Own Special Way'....hearkening back to FOXTROT-era complexities... Mojo
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