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"George Harrison - All Things Must Pass Box Set PLUS Living In The Material World LP"

GEORGE HARRISON - THE OUT OF PRINT EMI 2001 ALL THINGS MUST PASS BOX SET - TREMENDOUSLY RARE 3 LP SET PLUS THE BONUS OF - LIVING IN THE MATERIAL WORLD George Harrison's classic album IN THIS LIMITED EDITION 180 GRAM PRESSING WITH 16 PAGE BOOK & TWO BONUS TRACKS " DEEP BLUE" & MISS O'DELL" BRAINWASHED GEORGE HARRISON'S LAST LP PRESSING - BOTH TITLES HAVE ORIGINAL MARKETING STICKERS STILL ATTACHED. TRUE COLLECTORS CONDITION FACTORY SEALED ITEMS. THIRTY-THREE & ONE THIRD RUSSIAN VINYL LONG OUT OF PRINT PRESSINGS ROUNDS OUT THIS 4 TITLE 6 LP SET ALL THINGS MUST PASS - WITH A LOT OF BONUS TRACKS - On the heels of "Something" and "While My Guitar Gently Weeps," George Harrison must have felt he had little to prove as a songwriter. But unfortunately for him, those stellar efforts were in service of a band whose main songwriters were named Lennon and McCartney. But when the Beatles partnership dissolved in 1970, Harrison wasted little time in showcasing the body of work he'd accumulated the previous two years--or in trying to take Abbey Road's lavish production ethos to its next logical plateau. The resulting late-1970 double-album (originally released with a third bonus disc of instrumental "Apple Jams," which are still included here) was perhaps the most Beatles-sounding post-Fabs effort, a far cry from the two quirky solo efforts he'd undertaken while still in the band (the authentically Indian Wonderwall Music and the Moog wank-fest Electronic Sounds). Tracks like "Beware of Darkness," "All Things Must Pass," "The Art of Dying," "Isn't It a Pity," and the hit "My Sweet Lord" gave the album a strong spiritual center, balanced by the light-hearted "Apple Scruffs," "If Not For You," and the Bob Dylan collaboration "I'd Have You Anytime." Phil Spector's mammoth, orchestrally laced production took his trademark "wall of sound" to impressive new levels, all the more remarkable in light of the biting, minimalist work he was collaborating with John Lennon on, virtually simultaneously. Far and away Harrison's masterpiece; he'd have been wise to have saved a few of these songs for a rainy day. 1. I'd Have You Anytime 2. My Sweet Lord 3. Wah-Wah 4. Isn't It a Pity [Version One] 5. What Is Life 6. If Not for You 7. Behind That Locked Door 8. Let It Down 9. Run of the Mill 10. Beware of Darkness 11. Apple Scruffs 12. Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll) 13. Awaiting on You All 14. All Things Must Pass 1. I Dig Love 2. Art of Dying 3. Isn't It a Pity [Version Two] 4. Hear Me Lord 5. Out of the Blue 6. It's Johnny's Birthday 7. Plug Me In 8. I Remember Jeep 9. Thanks for the Pepperoni BRAINWASHED - Completed by George Harrison's son Dhani and Jeff Lynne after the ex-Beatle succumbed to a long illness in November 2001, Brainwashed is a bittersweet reminder of the myriad contradictions that made Harrison such a compelling figure. One of the most warm, melodically rich albums in a career pockmarked by personal frankness and professional indifference in its latter years, Harrison finds rewarding ways here to reconcile bitter assessments of the material world (the title track) with more fleshy concerns, as his jaunty take on the Arlen-Koehler chestnut "The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea" ably demonstrates. Pushing the singer's distinctive dry voice to the forefront, and with Harrison's trademark slide guitar riffs as sinewy as ever, Lynne's showcase production is mostly spot-on and refreshingly restrained, while Dhani brings his own fresh, touchingly personal insights to the record. He double-tracked his own voice onto an old recording of his father chanting the traditional "Namah Parvati" and appended it as the album's spiritual benediction, a touching reminder that while musicians come and go, music can truly embody their spirit forever. 1. Any Road 2. P2 Vatican Blues (Last Saturday Night) 3. Pisces Fish 4. Looking for My Life 5. Rising Sun 6. Marwa Blues 7. Stuck Inside a Cloud 8. Run So Far 9. Never Get Over You 10. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea 11. Rocking Chair in Hawaii 12. Brainwashed LIVING IN A MATERIAL WORLD - George Harrison's 1973 follow-up to his All Things Must Pass might be underrated in comparison to its predecessor, but Living In The Material World was still an instant multimillion seller. In fact, it was the Number One album of 1973 and contains the Number One hit in "Give Me Love." PRESENTED IN A LIMITED EDITION deluxe gatefold jacket and all. Completely remastered, this new version also includes two rare bonus tracks and a 16-page booklet. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Track Listings Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth) Sue Me, Sue You Blues The Light That Has Lighted The World Don't Let Me Wait Too Long Who Can See It Living In The Material World The Lord Loves The One (That Loves The Lord) Be Here Now Try Some Buy Some The Day The World Gets 'Round That Is All Also what a tremendous GIFT" these masterpieces of vinyl will make any true fan. I LOVE "33 1/3"-it's easily one of my two very favorite George Harrison solo albums.Why do I love it so much? It has fantastic songs, great lyrics and some exciting soul and funk influences. The opening "Woman Don't Cry For Me" is a bass and clavinet-led funk number with a blues arrangment featuring the wonderful Billy Preston's keyboard work. Two fantastic,Beatle-like pop numbers like the joke-of-court-proceeding "This Song" and the instant classic "Crackerbox Palace". Most stunning though are the contemporary soft soul tributes first to Smokey Robinson called "Pure Smokey" (perhapes Harrison wrote it for Smokey-it does sound like him) and the tranquil and beautiful soul ballad "Learning how To Love You",a great way to chose any album.In between these tunes like "It's What You Value",Dear One" and "Beautful Girl" are just the kind of clever toss-off's that Harrison was knocking out at this point. Anyone who hears this today will be very saddned he is no longer with us. 1. Woman Don't You Cry for Me 2. Dear One 3. Beautiful Girl 4. This Song 5. See Yourself 6. It's What You Value 7. True Love 8. Pure Smokey 9. Crackerbox Palace 10. Learning How to Love You
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