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"Groove Collectioim of Rare Jazz Vol. 3" - Product Image
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"Groove Collectioim of Rare Jazz Vol. 3"

A GROOVY COLLECTION OF RARE JAZZ VOLUME 3 Double LP pressed in the EUROPE and some of the finest Collections of Rare Jazz Masterpieces ever released on Analog Vinyl. They are real vinyl treasures that any true jazz lover will not want to miss owning. These Blue Note Collections are all Very Limited Editions and once gone will be gone forever from the Collectors Market. These Collections are cover to cover Masterpieces from various artists that will blow you away... CLEAR DAY - BILLY PAUL MY WOMAN'S GONE NOW - EMERGENCY SONG SUNG LONG - CARLA BLEY BLACK EYED BLUES - ESTER PHILLIPS ABOUT LOVE - BEN SIDRAN GIRL I LIKE THE WAY YOU MOVE - STONE GIVE PEACE A CHANCE - LONNIE LISTON SMITH AHT UH MI HED - SHUGGIE OTIS WATCH A DOG - ANN WINLEY MAMBERO - CAL TJADER AGLIO - OSCAR ROCCHI E IL SUO MDERN SOUND HELLO QUINCEY - LUIS ENRIQUEZ
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