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"Hall & Oates, Beauty Back Street - OBI Mini LP Replica In A CD - Japanese" - Product Image
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"Hall & Oates, Beauty Back Street - OBI Mini LP Replica In A CD - Japanese"

Artist: Hall & Oates Release Date: Apr 03, 2002 Format: CD Record Label: BMG (distributor) UPC: 4988017608258 Genre: Rock Duration: Album or EP Sub-Genre: -- Special Attributes: Import, Remastered, Special Edition Track listing 1. Don't Change 2. Why Do Lovers Break Each Other's Heart 3. You Must Be Good For Something 4. Emptyness 5. Love Hurts (Love Heals) 6. Bigger Than Both of Us 7. Bad Habits and Infections 8. Winged Bull 9. Girl Who Used to Be Distributor: MSI Music Distribution Recording type: Studio Recording mode: Stereo Album notes Hall & Oates: Daryl Hall, John Oates. Originally released on AFLI (2300). All tracks have been digitally remastered. Limited-edition Japanese release that is 24-bit digitally remastered and packaged in an LP-style slipcase. CD comes in Jpn LP Sleeve. A big departure from their trademark blue-eyed Philly Soul sound, BEAUTY finds Hall and Oates edging closer and closer to guitar-driven rock. The one big exception here is the title track, a beautiful soul song in their best "She's Gone" style, with a gorgeous string section coda. "Winged Bull," on the other hand, is a droning, quasi Middle Eastern-sounding folk rocker obviously modeled on Led Zep's "Kashmir." Even further afield, "You Must Be Good For Something" is a dissonant bit of proto-New Wave pop, complete with tick-tock rhythm (a la the Cars), while "Bad Habits and Infections," is a prog-rock mini-suite in a style not too dissimilar from Yes.
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