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"Iggy Pop, New Values - OBI Mini Replica LP In A CD - Japanese" - Product Image
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"Iggy Pop, New Values - OBI Mini Replica LP In A CD - Japanese"

Artist: Iggy Pop Release Date: Jul 25, 2007 Format: CD Record Label: BMG (distributor) UPC: 4988017650011 Genre: Rock Duration: Album or EP Sub-Genre: -- Special Attributes: Import, Remastered, Special Edition Distributor: Psp Recording type: Studio SPAR Code: DDD Personnel: Iggy Pop (vocals); Scott Thurston (guitar, harmonica, keyboards, synthesizer); James Williamson (guitar); Dave Brock (strings); John Harden (horns); Jackie Clark (bass); Klaus Kruger (drums); Earl Shackelford, The Alfono Sisters (background vocals). Producer: James Williamson. Reissue producer: Rob Santos. Recorded at Paramount Recording Studios, Hollywood, California. Includes liner notes by Ben Edmonds. Digitally remastered by Elliott Federman (SAJE Sound. New York, New York). After the David Bowie-produced classics THE IDIOT and LUST FOR LIFE (both released in 1977), Iggy Pop released the in-concert TV EYE LIVE in '78, and planned his next move. Instead of continuing in the groundbreaking art-rock direction of the two aforementioned albums, Iggy reunited with ex-Stooges guitarist James Williamson for a more straight-ahead rock approach, resulting in 1979's NEW VALUES. Although not as consistent as its predecessors, NEW VALUES contains several tracks that showed Iggy was still capable of composing gripping rock. Produced by Williamson, the album is not as over-the-top or raging as Williamson and Pop's last major studio release, Iggy & the Stooges' RAW POWER (1973)--icy new wave sounds are merged with the expected red-hot guitar rock. The title track combines a bouncy guitar riff with Iggy's contagious energy, while the snide "I'm Bored" is a forgotten new wave classic. Other standouts include "Girls," "The Endless Sea," "Five Foot One" and "Don't Look Down." Also, the track "African Man" marked Iggy's first foray into ethnic music (later explored again on 1982's ZOMBIE BIRDHOUSE). Track listing All songs written by Iggy Pop except where noted. "Tell Me a Story" - 2:50 "New Values" (Iggy Pop, Scott Thurston) - 2:39 "Girls" - 3:00 "I'm Bored" - 2:47 "Don't Look Down" (Pop, James Williamson) - 3:39 "The Endless Sea" - 4:50 "Five Foot One" - 4:29 "How Do You Fix a Broken Part" - 2:55 "Angel" (Pop, Thurston) - 3:44 "Curiosity" (Pop, Thurston) - 2:29 "African Man" (Pop, Thurston) - 3:35 "Billy Is a Runaway" (Pop, Thurston) - 2:31 Editorial reviews 4 stars out of 5 - ...A surreal foray into Iggy's increasingly pop-orientated mind... Uncut (20001001)
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