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"Janis Joplin - Live In Concert (Double LP) & Farewell Song" - Product Image

"Janis Joplin - Live In Concert (Double LP) & Farewell Song"

JANIS JOPLIN - LIVE IN CONCERT - Out of Print FACTORY SEALED DOUBLE LP - PLUS FAREWELL SONG FOR A TOTAL 3 PIECES OF VINYL One of the Top 40 Artists of All-Time, there are only three women on that list -- one is Aretha Franklin, the other is Joni Mitchell, and the third is Janis Joplin. IN CONCERT - This Double LP Collection is from concerts with Big Brother and the Holding Company and Full Tilt Boogie - All Is Loneliness - with Big Brother was an inspirational vehicle for Joplin unlike any other and no other performance of this tune which conveys the terrifying loneliness is even remotely similar. The version here was recorded at a 1970 reunion with Big Brother and Janis"there ain't no tv, no radio, no nothin' man" simply rips your heart out. We are also treated to the improptu 12 bar blues of - Ego Rock - where Nick Gravenites and Janis toss blues lines back and forth in an affectionate but competitive repartee. Janis was looped during the outdoor gigs with Full Tilt - a lot of Tequila went down the hatch on the festival train that puffed its way across Canada in July of 1970. It was four months before Joplin died and her Calgary performance of - Ball and Chain - is inspired, brilliant, drunk, uncanny and frightening. It is like work from the other side. Also included on this LP are - Down On Me - Bye Bye Baby - Piece Of My Heart - Road Block - Flower In The Sun - a cover of Gershwin's Summertime - Half Moon - Cosmic Blue - Move Over - Try Just A Little Bit Harder - Get It While You Can. That is exactly what you should do with this Audiophile Masterpiece. FAREWELL SONG - This Collection features Janis Joplin with Big Brother And The Holding Company, as well as live with The Kozmic Blues Band. There is also a tear down the walls cover of Etta James TELL MAMA with Full Tilt Boogie recorded live in Toronto. ther highlights include a studio recording of ONE NIGHT STAND (produced by Todd Rundgren) and a marvelous rendition of Sam Andrew's poignant FAREWELL SONG, taken from a 1968 Winterland Show. Ending the LP is Joplin's killer CATCH ME DADDY taken from a CHEAP THRILLS Session. This is one of Janis Joplin's most inspired studio vocals and is tremendously interesting to hear the instrumental track that brought out such an incredible performance. Other songs included are MAGIC OF LOVE - MISER-N - HARRY - RAISE YOUR HAND - and a medley - AMAZING GRACE/HIGH HEELED SNEAKERS.
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