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"Jimi Hendrix, 4 Title Set - Martin Scorcese Presents Blues Factory (Blue Vinyl), Axis, Hendrix Sessions" - Product Image
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"Jimi Hendrix, 4 Title Set - Martin Scorcese Presents Blues Factory (Blue Vinyl), Axis, Hendrix Sessions"

JIMI HENDRIX - THIS COLLECTION STARTS WITH - MARTIN SCORCESE PRESENTS THE BLUES FACTORY SEALED 180 Gram Double LP in Blue Vinyl SET. SCORCESE BLUES ON BLUE VINYL 180 GRAM AUDIOPHILE FIRST EDITIONS ORIGINAL SEALED LP - TREMENDOUSLY RARE OUT OF PRINT VERY LIMITED EDITION PRESSING RUN - WITH THE COMPLETE ORIGINAL RUN PLASTIC WRAP SEALING FOR EACH TITLE NOT THE SECOND GENERATION WITH THE 3/4 SEAL AND THE GLUED STICKER ON TOP TO COMPLETE THE SEAL. ALSO APART OF THIS LISTING IS THE TREMENDOUSLY RARE HENDRIX SMASH HITS - AXIS 200 GRAM MONO PRESSING & NOEL REDDINGS HENDRIX SESSIONS 200 GRAM PRESSING A TOTAL OF 4 TITLES WITH 5 PIECES OF VINYL THIS IS A ONE TIME OFFERING AT THIS PRICE. SCORCESE BLUES DOUBLE BLUE VINYL LP SET - This is ONE of only a 1,000 copies ever pressed in this Limited Edition 180 Gram Blue Vinyl Analog Masterpiece and Out of Print with the only distributor that had any inventory is now totally depleted of this pressing. "Classic Quiex SV - Super Vinyl" is a new vinyl formulation noticeably superior to all previous vinyl formulas used. The music on records made using Classic Quiex SV is more detailed, has richer harmonics and a more precise soundstage presentation Quiex SV is used exclusively and will have a sticker that identifies them as such.... This Heavy Vinyl LP has been critically acclaimed as the finest and quietest ever produced. It is a new listening experience that will virtually make you feel as if you were in the studio with the band. The nicest thing you can do for your stylus and ears. So, sit back, relax, enjoy the music, and remember the sound. SCORSESE BLUES ON BLUE VINYL DOUBLE LP SET - As part of the numerous compilations issued in conjunction with the major television documentary series The Blues, this is a collection of blues-oriented Hendrix recordings. There is a previous compilation of Hendrix's blues-oriented work in 1994, simply titled Blues. There is little repetition between Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues and Blues, though, and it works as a decent grouping of some of his bluesiest recordings for those listeners who want to plunge especially deeply into one facet of his repertoire. "Red House" and "Voodoo Chile" are by far the most celebrated tracks here. The fine Earl King cover "Come On (Let the Good Times Roll)" (from Electric Ladyland) is the only other song that came out in Hendrix's lifetime The other selections vary from inspired ("Hear My Train a Comin'," recorded in early 1969 with the original Jimi Hendrix Experience lineup, and a solo "Midnight Lightning") to straight ahead jams, with Hendrix's imaginative virtuosity and affinity for the blues evident. This being a posthumous Hendrix release, it couldn't be complete without a couple of previously unissued tracks to tempt the completists, Those are the 1969 outtakes "Georgia Blues," on which Hendrix is actually more like a backing musician for Lonnie Youngblood (who takes lead vocals), and "Blue Window," a nearly 13-minute outing that gives vent to his jazzier tendencies, the arrangement also featuring organ, three saxophones, and two trumpets. The liner notes about Jimi's blues record collecting habits by mid-'60s girlfriend Faye Pridgon are pretty cool. A must for Hendrix LP lovers. Side One 1. Red House 2. Voodoo Chile Side Two 1. Come On (Let the Good Times Roll) 2. Georgia Blues 3. Country Blues SIde Three 1. Hear My Train A Comin' 2. It's Too Bad Side Four 1. My Friend 2. Blue Window 3. Midnight Lightning JIMI HENDRIX - Axis Bold As Love - MONO - 200 GRAM MASTERPIECE An authorized Hendrix Family Limited Edition faithfully restored re-mastered from the Original Archive Tapes. Q Magazine said that "Axis dazzles as The Experience creates a genre probably short-lived because nobody else could play it. Jazz Metal might be the appropriate tag. " Vibe Magazine said "for folks who have never heard Jimi Hendrix on vinyl, the Rainbow fantasia world of Hendrix awaits you in all its polyphonic peacock glory." Axis Bold As Love made Billboard's Top 200 List as #5 in February of 1968. This release, for the first time, with all the Original Artwork, you can experience The Experience as was originally intended. Axis Bold As Love was the follow up to Are You Experienced? and represented a much more concise use of the recording studio possibilities. The mix -- cleaner and brighter than ever -- on this re-issue is clearer and more open reflecting Hendrix' growing concern for color and texture. Where his live shows continue to showcase the raw rocking power of The Experience, the recording studio gave Hendrix the composer/arranger a broader pulpit to work with. There are still plenty of powerful Blues/Rock infected songs such as the menacing - If 6 Was 9, the rolling - Spanish Castle Magic, and the spatial title tune. But Up From the Skies - is a jazzy trio romp featuring Hendrix bluesy vocalized wah-wah pedal and on the ballads - Little Wing and Castles Made of Sand - Hendrix shifts the focus from the band to the silvery chord/melodic accompaniments he often employed to compliment his vocals. They are an orchestral effect unto themselves. HENDRIX SMASH HITS 1ST EDITION EACH INDIVIDUALLY NUMBERED LP SET - Considering that these days they use 64 or more channels, with this Hendrix Pressing you are literally in the studio with Hendrix because there is no manipulation of the session - just laying it down on two tracks. It's The Experience playing live You are catching the full force of the sound. An authorized Hendrix Family Limited Edition faithfully restored/re-mastered from the Original Archive Tapes by Eddie Kramer, the original Engineer of The Hendrix Experience. Includes Original Artwork and an 8-Page Photo Booklet never before released. This Sonic Gem includes: PURPLE HAZE - FIRE - THE WIND CRIES MARY - CAN YOU SEE ME? - HEY JOE - ALL ALONG THE WATCH TOWER - STONE FREE - CROSS TOWN TRAFFIC - A MANIC DEPRESSION - REMEMBER - RED HOUSE - FOXY LADY. JIMI HENDRIX - NOEL REDDINGS EXPERIENCE SESSIONS ON 12" 33 1/3 RPM 200 GRAM ORIGINAL SEALED LIMITED EDTION PRESSING. THIS CLASSIC RECORDS 200 GRAM AUDIOPHILE FIRST EDITION ORIGINAL SEALED LP - TREMENDOUSLY RARE OUT OF PRINT VERY LIMITED EDITION PRESSING RUN - WITH THE COMPLETE ORIGINAL RUN PLASTIC WRAP SEALING FOR EACH TITLE NOT THE SECOND GENERATION WITH THE 3/4 SEAL AND THE CLUED STICKER ON TOP TO COMPLETE THE SEAL. NOEL REDDINGThe Experience Sessions presents a collection of rare and previously-unreleased studio recordings made by Noel Redding, who played bass for two-and-three-quarter years with the Jimi Hendrix Experience. The record also contains the master takes of Redding's two stand-out original compositions, "Little Miss Strange" and "She's So Fine," both of which turned up on Hendrix records. The record also includes previously-unreleased alternate recordings of these two tracks, offering a fascinating insight into the inner-workings of the group in the studio. This disc is a cause for celebration simply for the fact that many of the tracks feature blistering guitar work from Jimi Hendrix. And on one previously-unreleased song, "Dream," Hendrix plays the bass and Redding the guitar. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Track Listings Side One There Ain't Nothing Wrong Little Miss Strange Walking Through the Garden She's So Fine Little, Little Girl How Can I Live Side Two Noel's Tune [Take 1] Noel's Tune [Take 2] Little Miss Strange She's So Fine Dream Red House
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