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"Jimi Hendrix, Blues - Double 180 Gram - CURRENTLY SOLD OUT" - Product Image
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"Jimi Hendrix, Blues - Double 180 Gram - CURRENTLY SOLD OUT"

JIMI HENDRIX - BLUES - Classic Pressing - DOUBLE 180 GRAM Gram Heavy Black Vinyl LP 1st Time ever pressed on audiophile vinyl. THIS WAS TREMENDOUSLY LIMITED ONE TIME 180 GRAM PRESSING THAT WENT IMMEDIATELY OUT OF PRINT AND PROBABLY THE MOST LIMITED PRESSING OF THIS SERIES. 180 GRAM CLASSIC RECORDS AUDIOPHILE SEALED LP - THIS 180 GRAM PRESSING WAS PROBABLY CLASSIC RECORDS MOST LIMITED PRESSING EVER. WHEN THE COST OF PETROLEUM WENT UP TO $150 A BARREL THE COST OF PRODUCING VINYL IN 200 GRAM WEIGHTS WAS JUST TOO EXPENSIVE . SO FOR A LIMITED RUN CLASSIC RECORDS WENT TO PRESSING VINYL IN 180 GRAM WEIGHTS. THEN WHEN OIL DROPPED TO $50 A BARREL THE 200 GRAM WEIGHTS CAME BACK. THESE 180 GRAM PRESSINGS IF YOU CAN FIND ONE HAD A TREMENDOUSLY SHORT RUN AND MOST WERE ONLY PRESSED IN A FEW HUNDRED PIECES. A COLLECTORS LIMITED EDITION DREAM. ESPECIALLY SINCE CLASSIC RECORDS NOW HAS MOST OF ITS PREVIOUS TITLES OUT OF PRINT. THIS IS OUR ONE & ONLY COPY AND GONE FOREVER. BLUES is a perfect example, making the case that -- on top of everything else -- Jimi Hendrix was one fine blues guitarist. Combining the fluid lines of B.B. King with the spikiness of Hubert Sumlin and the crying tone of Elmore James, Hendrix manages to both honor the music tradition while remaining uniquely himself. This is an excellent blues collection throughout. On top of this, I don't think any of this material is available anywhere else. Jimi Hendrix had many talents and could play in many different styles. He is as good a blues player as he is anything else. Here he takes blues standards and updates them in his own style. This material wasn't originally intended for commercial release, but has been remastered well enough to make an amazing LP. While Hendrix remains most famous for his hard rock and psychedelic innovations, more than a third of his recordings were blues-oriented. This LP contains 11 blues originals and covers, eight of which were previously unreleased. Recorded between 1966 and 1970, they feature the master guitarist stretching the boundaries of electric blues in both live and studio settings. Besides several Hendrix blues-based originals, it includes covers of Albert King and Muddy Waters classics, as well as a 1967 acoustic version of his composition "Hear My Train A-Comin'." - Richie Unterberger -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Track Listings 1. Hear My Train A Comin' (Acoustic) 2. Born Under A Bad Sign 3. Red House 4. Catfish Blues 5. Voodoo Chile Blues 6. Mannish Boy 7. Once I Had A Woman 8. Bleeding Heart 9. Jam 10. Electric Church Red House 11. Hear My Train A Comin' (electric)
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