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"Jimi Hendrix Experience - DVD with Bonus DVD"

Item specifics - DVDs Format: DVD Edition: Full Screen Leading Role: Jimi Hendrix Rating: NR Release Date: Jan 23, 2001 Genre: Concert & Music UPC: 044005319491 Condition: Brand New Detailed item info Movie description Jimi Hendrix is arguably (though some loyal fans might say that word is unnecessary) the most talented rock guitarist who ever lived. His songs captured the revolutionary spirit of the 1960's and his onstage presence was dynamic and volatile. Though he died of a drug related incident in 1970, his popularity has never waned, and it seems his legions of fans will never get enough Hendrix action. EXPERIENCE was produced in 1968 and includes a plethora of gems -- from interviews with Hendrix and his two bandmates to a gorgeous twelve string acoustic performance of "Hear My Train A Comin." In addition, the video includes several previously unreleased performances and music videos, including the original promotional film for his early hit "Hey Joe." Credits Cast: Jimi Hendrix Notes DVD Features: Audio: Mono & Stereo - English This is the Deluxe Rare Limited Edition Collectors DVD with the special attached extra DVD that was only available through Best Buy during the 1st week of this titles release and has State of the Art digitially remastering. Tremendously rare now and a true collectors package. One of the only remaining and gone forever. Don't Miss Out. Step into the world of the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Filmed in London, Experience features live performances & rare interview footage. Highlights include Jimi's Unforgettable acoustic rendition of "Hear My Train A Comin'" as well as incendiary live versions of "Purple Have" and "Wild Thing" Filmed on Blackpool England. Narrated by Alexis Korner, this acclaimed program blens a high speed mix of commentary, interviews with Jimi, Mitch Mitchell & Noel Redding, and a soundtrack filled with such Hendric Classics as "Voodoo Chile", "If Six Was Nine", Castles Made Of Sand", "May This Be Love" and Foxey Lady. Coupled with Experience are more then forty minutes old rare or previously unreleased bonus material. Which include: 1. Popside, Stockholm, Swenden May 24, 1967 never before released live performances of "The Wind Cries Mary" & "Purple Haze" filmed for SVT Swedish Television. 2. Number Nine, Stockholm, Sweden January 9, 1969 Previously Unleased live performances of Jimi's blues masterpiece "Red House" as well as velocity redition of Cream's "Sunshine of Your Love". This rare footage. recorded for SVT Swedish Television, features Jimi playing as Gibson SG rather then his trademark Fender Stratocaster. 3. Olympia, Paris October 9, 1967 Jimi & the Experience present an unforgettable live version of "Wild Thing". 4. "Hey Joe" Original Promotional Film View the original promotional clip made in London's famed Saville Theatre in January 1967 for "Hey Joe". 5. "Dolly Dagger" Check out the acclaimed 1997 music video featuring Fawn Reed & James Hong. 6.The Bonus DVD Sampler of The Hendrix Experience only attached to this limited edition.
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