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"Jimi Hendrix, Studio Out-Takes, #89 - Volume 3 1969-1970 - 180 Gram"

JIMI HENDRIX - STUDIO OUT-TAKES...VOLUME 3 1969 - 1970 A Numbered Limited Edition #89 - 180 Gram LP - 3,000 Pressings This Heavy Vinyl LP is a listening experience that will virtually make you feel as if you were in the studio with the band. The nicest thing you can do for your stylus and ears. This, the third of the 3-volume series of rare Jimi Hendrix studio out-takes, finds the guitarist back in America and recording at Electric Ladyland and The Record Plant. We are again invited to follow Hendrix as he endeavors to fashion loose musical ideas into developed songs or frameworks for his electrifying live jams. These tracks very much reflect the artist at work in the studio, and is yet another illuminating glimpse into the creative process of probably the greatest guitarist of our time. Side 1: 1. Valleys of Neptune - recorded at the same session as Freedom, this instrumental starts out as if it's destined to become a great track until Hendrix playing blithely away admits half way through that he hadn't thought up an ending yet. 2. Freedom - This alternate version featuring a different set of lyrics, is one of 19 takes recorded with Billy Cox and Mitch Mitchell at The Record Plant in 1970. 3. Bleeding Heart - Originally recorded in March 1970 at The Record Plant with an un-named drummer and no bass player. The over-dubs, with Mitch Mitchell, Billy Cox and Juma Sultan were added later. This is an alternate mix of an unused take. This sound on this track is particularly good. 4. Midnight Lightning Jam - From the July 14, 1970 Electric Ladyland sessions with Billy Cox, Mitch Mitchell and Juma Sultan. This is very much a work in progress which becomes more than apparent as the track unravels after a few minutes which is most unfortunate as what we do get to hear sounds terrific. 5. Drifters Escape - A basic track recorded at Electric Ladyland on June 17, 1970 with Mitch Mitchell and Billy Cox. This version, which sounds absolutely superb, has three lead guitar parts. 6. Send My Love To Linda - Another track recorded during many sessions at The Record Plant, this one having taken place on January 16, 1970. This is the second take of a new song that unfortunately was never completed. Side 2: 1. Astro Man - Instrumental backing track (take 7) recorded in June 1970 at Electric Ladyland with Mitch Mitchell, Billy Cox and Juma Sultan. Different versions appear on First Rays Of The New Rising Sun and in the Experience Hendrix Box Set. 2. Lover Man - A track from May 1970 recorded at The Record Plant. Previously unreleased until two alternate versions (one recorded at Olympic and a later one at Electric Ladyland) were included in the Experience Hendrix Box Set. 3. Earth Blues - Recorded at The Record Plant in December 1969 with Juma Sultan, The Band of Gypsies and The Ronnettes, this alternate mix is one of 16 takes and features totally different guitar parts. 4. Room Full of Mirrors - Recorded with The Band of Gypsies and with the Ghetto Fighters (Hendrix's long-time friends Arthur and Albert Allen) on backing vocals on November 17, 1969 at The Record Plant. This version is an alternate unused mix with extra guitar parts. Hendrix was constantly searching for a unique sound and this, coupled with the fact that he disliked the sound of his own voice, meant that many versions were rejected, much to the amazement and frustration of engineers Tony Bongiovi and Tommy Erdelyi.
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