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"Jimi Hendrix, Studio Out-takes Volume 2, 1969  (picture disc) - Last Copy" - Product Image
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"Jimi Hendrix, Studio Out-takes Volume 2, 1969 (picture disc) - Last Copy"

JIMI HENDRIX - STUDIO OUT-TAKES...VOLUME 2 1969 A Numbered Limited Edition - 180 Gram LP - 3,000 Pressings ONLY The tracks assembled for this, the second volume in a 3-volume set of rare Jimi Hendrix studio out-takes, are from 1969 and show the artist in a state of musical transition. Again, the tracks are comprised of forgotten versions, forgotten songs and recordings that were found in studios, lofts, garages and basements. The false starts and abrupt endings are all part of the experience; the magic moments that provide a unique insight into one of rock's true sonic explorers. This is Jimi Hendrix in the studio, working behind closed doors on works in progress. Side 1: 1. Lover Man - From a session in Studio B at Olympic Studios on February 16, 1969 with The Experience. The band had not recorded at Olympic for about a year and this particular session was not overseen by Chas Chandler. The band's January tour had showed the first cracks in the harmony of The Experience with Hendrix and Redding I particular not seeing eye to eye. Although Hendrix was determined to do some studio recordings while the band prepared for the Albert Hall Concerts, the general disagreements, a small and unfamiliar studio and Hendrix's bad moods, much of the material from the sessions was discarded.l 2. Instrumental Jam - A short, unreleased jam session recorded at Olmstead Studio in New York on April 4, 1969 with The Experience that was part of three reels of jams based loosely on Midnight/Trash Man. 3. Izabella - An alternate version (one of 20 takes), this one with percussion, possibly featuring Billy Rich on bass. A basic track recorded at the Record Plant on November 21 with the Band of Gypsies and new engineer, Tony Bongiovi. 4. Ezy Rider take #1 - Early alternate version recorded at Record Plant in New York December, 1969 with original lyric. Originally Ezy Ryder was a series of different patterns that finally merged into one song. 5. Larry Young Jam - Recorded at the Record plant with Billy Cox and Larry Young in May, 1969, the full take lasts for over 13 minutes. Side 2: 1. Stepping Stone - Recorded at the Record Plant on September 24, 1969 with Billy Cox, Mitch Mitchell, Larry Lee, Juma Sultan and Jerry Velez. This is one of seven takes recorded without a bass player. 2. It's Too Bad - Edited version of part of the session with organist Larry Young and Buddy Miles that was recorded in February 1969 at the Record Plant. This particular version is unreleased, although a different mix was included in The Experience Box Set. 3. World Traveller - Another track from the session with organist Larry Young and Buddy Miles
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