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"John Lennon, Imagine - Gatefold Cover - U.K. Pressed" - Product Image
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"John Lennon, Imagine - Gatefold Cover - U.K. Pressed"

JOHN LENNON - IMAGINE - GATEFOLD JACKET EMI 2000 U.K. PRESSED AND WAS THE 1ST DIGITALLY REMASTERED & REMIXED PRESSING OF THIS CLASSIC TITLE . OVER A DECADE OUT OF PRINT The single Imagine from this LP is rated the 10th best single in the History of Rock N Roll. These FOREIGN pressings are sent with the vinyl outside of the jackets when being shipped to the U.S. to protect the covers from damage. Once inside the our wherehouse we then protectively seal the title in a loose re-sealable plastic cover to ensure the quality of the product. This title is brand new & never played condition. Don't Miss out. "After the harrowing Plastic Ono Band, John Lennon returned to calmer, more conventional territory with Imagine. While the album had a softer surface, it was only marginally less confessional than its predecessor. Underneath the sweet strings of 'Jealous Guy' lies a broken and scared man, the jaunty 'Crippled Inside' is a mocking assault at an acquaintance, and 'Imagine' is a paean for peace in a world with no gods, possessions, or classes, where everyone is equal. And Lennon doesn't shy away from the hard rockers - 'How Do You Sleep' is a scathing attack on Paul McCartney, 'I Don't Want To Be A Soldier' is a hypnotic antiwar song, and 'Give Me Some Truth' is bitter hard rock. If Imagine doesn't have the thematic sweep of Plastic Ono Band, it is nevertheless a remarkable collection of songs that Lennon would never be able to better again." Imagine Crippled Inside Jealous Guy It's So Hard I Don't Wanna Be A Solider Mama GImme Some Truth Oh My Love How Do You Sleep? How? Oh Yoko!
SKU Number: FOLP 5248581GM
Price: $89.99