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"Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin II - Japanese LP Replica in a CD (with OBI Sash)" - Product Image
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"Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin II - Japanese LP Replica in a CD (with OBI Sash)"

LED ZEPPELIN - LED ZEPPELIN II - THIS IS THE ORIGINAL 1ST EDITION JAPANESE RELEASE This is a Japanese digitally re-mastered Mini LP replica Limited Edition Collection with OBI sash down the front - only 2,000 Collector pieces made world-wide and are immediately Out of Print. Recorded from the finest Original Masters available. Comes with anti-static sleeves similar to Vinyl LPs, Cardboard packaging exact to the original LP. Actual miniaturized version of the 12" LP in 4" CD version. Jimmy Page's guitar, John Paul Jones fluid bass, have never sounded so clear. Robert Plant's vocals are hynpotic and John Bonham's drums explode from your speakers. . LED ZEPPELIN II - This sophomore effort by rock's most legendary band includes the song "A Whole Lotta Love" plus others, which we have all sang and played air guitar to. The difference here is that for the first time ever you can hear every lick and every detail -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Track Listings 1. Whole Lotta Love 2. What Is and What Should Never Be 3. Lemon Song 4. Thank You 5. Heartbreaker 6. Living Loving Maid (She's Just a Woman) 7. Ramble On 8. Moby Dick 9. Bring It on Home
SKU Number: JMSCD WPCR 11612
Price: $64.99