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"Led Zeppelin, Presence - Last Copy" - Product Image
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"Led Zeppelin, Presence - Last Copy"

Classic Original Master 1st Edition 180 Gram Pressing, " LED ZEPPELIN- PRESENCE - Factory sealed & was the last pressing of the Zeppelin titles on 180 gram vinyl. This title was tremendously limited since it was pressed within a few weeks of the second edition 200 Gram pressings. Probably less then 250 ever made in this 180 gram 1st Edition. THESE MASTERPIECES HAVE OFFICIALLY GONE OUT OF PRINT FOREVER ON SEPTEMBER 1ST 2007. THIS TITLE WITH JIMMY PAGE HIMSELF WORKING WITH THE MASTERING OF THIS AUDIOPHILE GEM WILL GO THRU THE ROOF AS THE MOST VALUED PRESSING EVER OF LED ZEPPELIN ON VINYL. MYMUSICFIX SEES THIS TITLE SELLING IN THE MONTHS TO COME FOR $300+ IN THE OUT OF PRINT COLLECTORS MARKET - DON'T MISS OUT ON SOME OF OUR LAST COPIES FOREVER. Classic Records Limited 1st Edition 180 Gram Generation Pressing. "Classic Quiex - Vinyl" (ORIGINAL BLACK STICKER 1ST EDITION VERIFICATION STILL ON THE PLASTIC WRAP) is a new vinyl formulation noticeably superior to all previous vinyl formulas used. Last Copy Forever in this 1st edition. Classic Records has proven to be an Audiophile Company second to none in the new millennium. But Classic Records, unlike other top Audiophile Companies, does not place Limited Edition numbers on their LP jackets. 6 years ago, Classic Records changed their vinyl weight from 180 gram to 200 gram. Mymusicfix knows no expert that has been able to decipher a true difference in quality with this 20 gram weight increase. What this change did for Collectors of the finest vinyl pressings was establish a First Edition element to Classic Records Audiophile pressings. All Classic Records 180 Gram pressings are now Out of Print and Very Limited Edition Collector's First Edition Pressings. In the long term, First Editions will be what Collectors seek. When you look at Classic Records First Edition 180 Gram pressings.It could be one of the most collectible pressings ever in this 180 Gram First Edition. This Limited Edition Audiophile Mastered LP (from the Original Session Tapes) was mastered by both Jimmy Page and the guru technician, Bernie Grundman. This 180 Gram Heavy Vinyl LP has been critically acclaimed as the finest and quietest ever produced of this Zeppelin recording. It is a new listening experience that will virtually make you feel as if you were in the studio with the band. LED ZEPPELIN'S PRESENCE, it's taken a while, but this 1976 release has earned its place with the other great titles from the biggest rock band of that decade. Lavishing for years in the intimidating strength of its predecessor, PHYSICAL GRAFFITI, PRESENCE was quickly recorded and issued mainly while vocalist Robert Plant sported a cast on his leg from a car accident. PRESENCE is heavy on the rock side featuring high-octane guitar from Jimmy Page and no acoustic guitars or piano to be found. John Bonham's thunderous bashing and layers of guitar are highlights in ACHILLES LAST STAND while NOBODY'S FAULT BUT MINE, a reworking of a blue turn by Blind Willie Johnson gets goosed Zep-style by Page and company. Other highlights included FOR YOUR LIFE - ROYAL ORLEANS - CANDY STORE ROCK - HOTS ON FOR NOWHERE - and TEA IS FOR ONE.
SKU Number: CLLP 8416