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"Lee Ritenour, Festival LP (cutout)" - Product Image
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"Lee Ritenour, Festival LP (cutout)"

LEE RITENOUR - FESTIVAL original 1988 release (with small cutout in cover) Please also visit mymusicfix e-bay stores site for individual Rare Vinyl Records or 24k Gold CD's at http://stores.ebay.com/Mymusicfix Check out my other items! FESTIVAL - GRP DIGITAL ORIGINAL 1988 MASTERED LP - (small cut out on jacket) This is a truly fine release which hipped a lot of people to MPB. The DDD recording is absolutely perfect and the musicianship superb! Caetano Veloso's voice,entering halfway through the verse on his magnificent Voce e Linda, or Linda as it is called on this release, still causes a lump in my throat. Joao Bosco's perfomance is stellar as well. How cool was Rit to be playing with the great Carlinhos Brown in 1988? Thank you Lee for making these prolific and gifted artists more widely recognized and celibrated. Viva a musica popular brasileira!!! Track Listings 1. Night Rhythms 2. Latin Lovers 3. Humana 4. Rio Sol 5. Waiting for You 6. Odile, Odila 7. Linda (Voce E Linda) 8. New York/Brazil 9. Inner Look
SKU Number: GR-9570
Price: $29.99