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"Little Feat - Set of Seven Titles - Original 1st Edition Japanese Pressings of  Mini LP Replicas in a CD" - Product Image
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"Little Feat - Set of Seven Titles - Original 1st Edition Japanese Pressings of Mini LP Replicas in a CD"

LITTLE FEAT SEVEN TITLES WITH A TOTAL OF 8 CD'S - TITLES ARE - SELF TITLED - SAILIN SHOES - FEATS DON'T FAIL ME NOW -TIME LOVES A HERO - DOWN ON THE FARM - DIXIE CHICKEN - WAITING FOR COLUMBUS DOUBLE CD SET - ALL Original 1st Edition Pressing - TREMENDOUSLY RARE - SOME ARE SO RARE THEY SELL FOR $100'S OF DOLLARS APIECE - IN FACT IF YOU WERE TO PURCHASE THESE INDIVIDUALLY IT WOULD RUN SOMEWHERE OVER $1100 IN THE COLLECTORS MARKET. This is a Japanese re-mastered Mini LP OBI replica Limited Edition Collection only 2,000 Collector pieces made world-wide and are immediately Out of Print. Recorded from the finest Original Masters available. Comes with anti-static sleeves similar to Vinyl LPs, Cardboard packaging exact to the original LP Jacket, re-sealable plastic wrap cases for protection of the collectible Actual miniaturized version of the 12" LP in 4" CD version. ALL Japanese limited edition issue of the album classic in a deluxe, miniaturized LP sleeve replica of the original vinyl album artwork FEATS DON'T FAIL ME KNOW - One of those bands that perfectly epitomized so many things about the 1970s, Little Feat created a strangely smooth and sexy pastiche of Southern-spiced blues-rock. Main man Lowell George's undulant slide guitar marked the group's early recordings. His vocals, meanwhile, were distinctive in the manner in which he toyed with vowels as if they were yo-yos, tossing them up and down, this way and that. The albums recorded prior to George's 1979 death reflected a jazz influence (albeit one that would grow more pronounced as his influence in the band waned). Being based in Los Angeles also gave them a certain patina they may have lacked if they had been based in, say, Memphis. Feats Don't Fail Me Now features visiting guests Bonnie Raitt and Emmylou Harris and a collection of tight, wryly observant songs. Don't Fail Me's 1973 predecessor, Dixie Chicken, is generally seen as Little Feat's must-have outing, but this album, too, holds up a stunningly strong demonstration the appeal of the band's rock-blues-jazz hybrid. Track Listings - 1. Rock & Roll Doctor 2. Oh, Atlanta - Little Feat, Payne, Bill 3. Skin It Back - Little Feat, Barrere, Paul 4. Down the Road 5. Spanish Moon 6. Feats Don't Fail Me Now - Little Feat, Barrere, Paul 7. The Fan 8. Medley: Cold Cold Cold/Tripe Face Boogie DIXIE CHICKEN - Everything came together for Little Feat's third album. An expanded lineup gave the Feat a more supple rhythmic base, Lowell George penned some of his strongest numbers, and they developed an oozy studio sound that suited them to a T. The title track, "Fat Man in a Bathtub," and "Two Trains" distilled compounded rhythms, wailing background vocals, and adroit wordplay into an intoxicating soul-rock swill. In many ways, Dixie Chicken stands as a kind of kissing cousin to the Rolling Stones' Exile on Main Street, which hit the streets one year earlier. While not as expansive as the Stones' magnum opus, its highlights are every bit as spectacular. After their brilliant self-titled debut and sophomore release Sailin' Shoes,leader Lowell George grabbed the reins as producer for the next group of sessions, resulting in 1973's Dixie Chicken. Usually considered their pinnaclee studio album, it's the understated elegance that keeps it all together.While maintaining the eccentricities that made Feat...well Feat, a subtle infu- sion of New Orleans r&b/soul undertones, seems the natural fit. The group's songwriting reaches new heights throughout, with a stop-over homage to the N.O. master Allan Toussaint, with a slow groove of his "On Your Way Down". Guests abound: two Bonnies, (Raitt and Bramlett, plus Three Dog Night's Danny Hutton lend supporting vocals. Always reliable Sneaky Pete's pedal steel and The Stones' Mick Taylor lends a few tasty licks, but it's the main-core Feat, now playing their tightest together that makes this definitely one of the greatest! Track Listings - 1. Dixie Chicken 2. Two Trains 3. Roll Um Easy 4. On Your Way Down 5. Kiss It Off 6. Fool Yourself 7. Walkin' All Night 8. Fat Man in the Bathtub 9. Juliette 10. Lafayette Railroad TIME LOVES NO HERO - Track Listings - 1. Hi Roller 2. Time Loves a Hero 3. Rocket in My Pocket 4. Day at the Dog Races 5. Old Folks Boogie 6. Red Streamliner 7. New Delhi Freight Train 8. Keepin' Up with the Joneses 9. Missin' You Track Listings - 1. Hi Roller 2. Time Loves a Hero 3. Rocket in My Pocket 4. Day at the Dog Races 5. Old Folks Boogie 6. Red Streamliner 7. New Delhi Freight Train 8. Keepin' Up with the Joneses 9. Missin' You FIRST SELF-TITLED - Track Listings - 1. Snakes on Everything 2. Strawberry Flats 3. Truck Stop Girl 4. Brides of Jesus 5. Willin' 6. Hamburger Midnight 7. Forty-Four Blues: How Many More Years 8. Crack in Your Door 9. I've Been the One 10. Takin' My Time 11. Crazy Captain Gunboat Willie Sailin' Shoes demonstrates just how briskly Little Feat was developing in their early 1970s formative years. A pronounced step up from the Southern California quartet's critically praised 1971 debut, it's not as fully realized as the Feat's 1973 zenith, Dixie Chicken. But it's not far behind, and that's saying something. The final recording made by the original quartet (the band swelled to six members after founding bassist and Mothers of Invention alumni Roy Estrada split), Little Feat circa 1972 is a lean, energetic outfit. "Cold, Cold, Cold," "Tripe Face Boogie," "Apolitical Blues," and "Teenage Nervous Breakdown" are blunter rockers than what would follow. Lowell George's title track and Bill Payne's "Got No Shadow" and "Cat Fever," meanwhile, presage the more limber direction the group was headed. Track Listings - 1. Easy to Slip 2. Cold Cold Cold 3. Trouble 4. Tripe Face Boogie 5. Willin' 6. A Apolitical Blues 7. Sailin' Shoes 8. Teenage Nervous Breakdown 9. Got No Shadow 10. Cat Fever 11. Texas Rose Cafe DOWN ON THE FARM - 1. Down on the Farm 2. Six Feet of Snow 3. Perfect Imperfection 4. Kokomo 5. Be One Now 6. Straight from the Heart 7. Front Page News 8. Wake up Dreaming 9. Feel the Groove WAITING FOR COLUMBUS Track Listings - Disc: 1 1. Join the Band 2. Fat Man in the Bathtub 3. All That You Dream 4. Oh, Atlanta 5. Old Folks' Boogie 6. Dixie Chicken 7. Tripe Face Boogie 8. Rocket in My Pocket 9. Time Loves a Hero 10. Day or Night 11. Mercenary Territory 12. Spanish Moon Disc: 2 1. Willin' 2. Don't Bogart That Joint 3. A Apolitical Blues 4. Sailin' Shoes 5. Feats Don't Fail Me Now 6. One Love Stand [#][Outtake] 7. Rock & Roll Doctor [#][Outtake] 8. Skin It Back [#][Outtake] 9. On Your Way Down [#][Outtake] 10. Walkin All Night [#][Outtake] 11. Cold, Cold, Cold [#][Outtake] 12. Day at the Dog Races [#][Outtake] 13. Skin It Back [Outtake] 14. Red Streamliner [Outtake] 15. Teenage Nervous Breakdown [Outtake]
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