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"Luther Vandross, Any Love" - Product Image
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"Luther Vandross, Any Love"

LUTHER VANDROSS - HIS FACTORY SEALED ANY LOVE 1988 CBS RECORDS RELEASE WITH IT'S ORIGINAL MARKETING STICKER STILL ATTACHED. with a small cutout thru the original sealed jacket. TWENTY YEARS OUT OF PRINT. SEALED IN ORIGINAL PLASTIC WRAP. ANY LOVE - Luther - the man who put the dance band CHANGE on the map, the man who did the amazing vocal arrangements for David Bowie's groundbreaking YOUNG AMERICANS and toured with Bowie for many years, who lulled us all into love in the 80's - has the chops and then some with some truly great albums. And this one, with I Wonder, Any Love, For You To Love, I Wonder and the cover of Love Won't Let Me Wait (This song nearly belongs to HIM now!!!) He is right up there with AL Green. I don't wish to compare these great men, however. Luther was on tour with Anita Baker in NYC when this album was out and he nearly blew Ms. Baker off the stage. And this was when she could do no wrong (early in her boom period). He had the women in the audience nearly fainting in their seats and the men hooping & hollering & slapping five to his power. He's still the King of Romance,. Includes songs: I wonder - She Won't Talk to Me - I know You Want To - Come Back - Any Love - Love Won't Let Me Wait - Are You Gonna Love Me - For You To Love & The Second time Around
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