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"Miles Davis, At Carnegie Hall" - Product Image
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"Miles Davis, At Carnegie Hall"

MILES DAVIS: CARNEGIE HALL Factory Sealed 180 Gram Limited Edition classic LP high-definition Virgin Vinyl pressing for superior fidelity from the Analog Master. Teo Macero sold Miles and Columbia on recording this event. He ordered all the necessary equipment to record what would have been a terrific recording. However -- unsurprising considering his temprement -- Miles decided the day before the event he neither wanted to play nor record the event. While he was convinced to play, he would not budge on the recording. Macero, however, had four single mics hid strategically throughout the stage so he could at least have one copy of the event. For all of the tribulations (Max Roach's protest nonwithstanding), Miles, Gil Evans, the band, and the orchestra were all able to put on an impressive event. The crowd was overwhelmed, and Miles himself said to Teo afterward that he wanted to release it after all. Blame the temper of the times for the poor recording. But remember to praise Teo for his foresight in recording this anyways. To my mind Miles never played better than at this recording. There is a new searching and driving vitality to his playing which probably indicated that he had reached the absolute peak of his powers but was still pushing himself further. His technique was certainly better than ever. Don't let the imperfections of the recording as an inadequate document of sound disturb you - not really worth worrying about, as one can hear enough to know that this was an exceptional performance. Hank Mobley on tenor complements Miles well, and the new thythm section whips the horms along with great impetus. The tracks with Gil Evans and his orchestra have a spontaneity lacking on the more polished studio-recorded equivalents. This record is not immaculate - but it is a very great one and clearly a must-have for any serious Davis fan, because he plays here in a way that he doesn't on any other recording, and produces unusual excitement even for this, the most permanently satisfying and richly artistic musician in jazz, whose music is sure to go down the centuries as great by any standard at any time. Track Listings 1. So What 2. Spring Is Here 3. No Bluce 4. Oreo 5. Someday My Prince Will Come 6. Meaning Of The Bluce 7. Rament 8. New Rumba
SKU Number: DOLP 8612
Price: $59.99