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"Miles Davis, Five 180 Gram Set - Friday Night At Blackhawk Vol. 1 & 2 - In Europe - Jazz At the Plaza & Basic Miles The Classic Performances From 1955-1962" - Product Image
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"Miles Davis, Five 180 Gram Set - Friday Night At Blackhawk Vol. 1 & 2 - In Europe - Jazz At the Plaza & Basic Miles The Classic Performances From 1955-1962"

MILES DAVIS: FRIDAY NIGHT AT BLACKHAWK VOL I & 2 - 2 LP SET - IN EUROPE - JAZZ AT THE PLAZA & BASIC MILES CLASSIC PERFORMANCES - FIVE 180 GRAM LP SET MILES DAVIS IN EUROPE - The recordings of Miles' 1964 Philharmonic Hall concert have acquired a reputation for being Miles' best live recordings from the '63-'64 period. As an avid Miles fan, I agreed with that assessment. That was before I had ever heard this concert from the Antibes jazz festival. This album is AS GOOD if not in some ways better than Miles' justly famous "My Funny Valentine" and "Four and More" albums. Miles himself plays as intensely as in the 1964 Phil. Hall concert, and his trumpet technique itself is often crisper in the Antibes concert. George Coleman's playing may be more adventurous and intense here than on the 1964 concert, which makes him a better fit with the Hancock/Carter/Williams rhythm section. All through this recording, the quintet's interaction has a giddy, at times playful tone, and the musicians' excitement can be easily heard. Track Listings 1. Introduction 2. Autumn Leaves 3. Milestones 4. Joshua 5. All Of You 6. Walkin JAZZ AT THE PLAZA - Miles Davis's KIND OF BLUE is nothing if not legendary, and this live date captures most of the classic Kind of Blue band in concert. Recorded at the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan in 1958 and originally released in 1973, this live set superbly spotlights Davis's "walking on eggshells" melodicism. Pianist Bill Evans, alto and tenor saxophonists Cannonball Adderley and John Coltrane, drummer Jimmy Cobb, bassist Paul Chambers, and Davis blow the blues on Sonny Rollins's "Oleo" and Thelonious Monk's "Straight No Chaser." Davis's warm, Harmon-muted trumpet melodically shoots Cupid's arrow on "If I Were a Bell" and "My Funny Valentine," with Evans's piano lines sounding equally footed in Ravel and modal bop. Add the Bird flights of Adderley and the spooling energy of Coltrane and you have one of the top groups at the top of their game. This is a marvel, a hot and cool preview to the band's landmark 1959 KIND OF BLUE exploration. BASIC MILES DAVIS THE CLASSIC PERFORMANCES STANDARDS FROM 1955 - 1962 Track Listings 1. BUDO 2. STELLA BY STARLIGHT 3. SWEET SUE JUST YOU 4. LITTLE MELONAE 5. MILES AHEAD 6. ON GREEN DOLPHIN STREET 7. ROUND MIDNIGHT 8. FRAN-DANCE 9. DEVIL MAY CARE BLACK HAWK VOLUME ONE & TWO - 2 LP SET - DIGITALLY REMASTERED DIRECTLY FROM THE ORIGINAL ANALOG TAPES - VOLUME ONE: It's commonplace for Miles' followers to dismiss the groups between Coltrane and Shorter. By his actions on the stand and his comments away from it, Miles made it clear that he was unhappy with Coltrane's immediate replacements--Sonny Stitt, George Coleman and, most pointedly of all, Hank Mobley. But Miles' own insistence on the progressive, the revolutionary, the newest thing, should not be confused with the actual musical statements by his groups. No player was more welcome in a Van Gelder recording studio than Hank Mobley who, though hardly an innovator or trend-setter, was one of the most soulful, melodically inventive players on the scene. It's especially refreshing to hear him away from the Blue Note stable of players and in the company of Miles' rhythm section on this Columbia recording, which captures Hank's inspired lyricism at its best (his solo on "Blackbird" eclipses even Coltrane's on the same tune from the "'Round Midnight" session). In the case of this "transitional" group, Miles' proclaimed loss is the listener's gain. Track Listings 1. Walkin' 2. Bye Bye Blackbird 3. All of You 4. No Blues 5. Bye Bye/The Theme 6. Love, I've Found You VOLUME TWO: This LP is the second of 2 that chronicle Miles' stay at the Blackhawk in San Francisco in 1961. Both dates of the Blackhawk shows are prime examples of the greatness of MILES working group. While the Friday night show contained mainly ballads, Saturday night finds the band taking on more up-tempo numbers, and with it the band relaxes into a wonderful groove. Even the slower numbers, like "So What," are sped up during this particular evening. The band was definitely up for the change of pace. Hank Mobley is the major recipient of the up-tempo nature of the show. His time spent with Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers proved that he had the chops needed to play quickly and confidently. Mobley at his best within Miles' group comes with his solo on Sonny Rollins' "Oleo." While the solo lasts a mere minute or so, Mobley took the tension created by Miles' calculated, reserved, mute solo, and blows it out of the water with his frenzied attack, which is certainly akin to what both Rollins and Coltrane were playing at the time. Mobley's attack is what the rhythm section of Kelly, Chambers, and Cobb needed. It allowed them to pick up the pace, and led to Kelly's tasty solo after Mobley's. Kelly's solo is a bit more refined, but no less impressive. The piece showed off prime solo chops by 2 of jazz's legends. The rest of the lp is no less impressive. The pieces are up-tempo, with all parties involved bringing their "A" games to the table. Miles' playing is wonderful, and dominated by his harmon mute. As always, his solos are short, conpact, very to the point. Mobley's playing throughout is inspired. One can sense that Mobley was on that night, and that he KNEW it, as well. Kelly's solos are always a delight to hear. His playing moves a lot, taking on octaves, arpeggios, and more of a lead character even when he's playing accompanying block chords. Chambers and Cobb were as tight a low end rhythm section as jazz had, and the lp allows them to dominate the proceedings in an up-tempo way. Both BLACKHAWK SHOWS (Friday night & Saturday night) are recommended to hear the full scale of what this short-lived working band could accomplish. Track Listings 1. Well, You Needn't 2. Fran-Dance 3. So What 4. Oleo 5. If I Were a Bell 6. Neo
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