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"Mitch Ryder, Sock It To Me - 180 Gram - Mono Release" - Product Image
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"Mitch Ryder, Sock It To Me - 180 Gram - Mono Release"

MITCH RYDER & THE DETROIT WHEELS - SOCK IT TO ME - 1ST EDITION SUNDAZED MONO RELEASE WITH THE 180 GRAM BLACK AND GREEN STICKER ATTACHED TO THE PLASTIC WRAP. ONLY AVAILABLE ON THIS ORIGINAL 180 GRAM VINYL EDITION LP PRESSING - OUT OF PRINT/FACTORY SEALED WE FOUND ONE LAST COPY IN THIS HEAVY VINYL 180G GRAM ORIGINAL EDITION STICKER PRESSING. COLLECTORS NOTE: THIS IS THE SUNDAZED 1ST EDITION HEAVY VINYL 180 GRAM LP WHICH INCLUDES THE ORIGINAL MARKETING STICKER FOR THEIR 180 GRAM VINYL EDITION. SUNDAZED RECORDS HAD THESE STICKERS ON THEIR LIMITED EDITION 180 GRAM WEIGHTS BEFORE THEY WENT TO PRESSING THEM IN THE 150 GRAM WEIGHT IN THEIR NEXT GENERATION DURING OUR 1ST OIL CRISIS. NOW I'VE HEARD THAT THEY ARE PRESSING SOME EDITIONS BACK IN A NEW GENERATION AGAIN IN 180 GRAM. BUT THIS ITEM HAS THE ORIGINAL MARKETING STICKER ON THIS 180 GRAM EDITION PRESSINGS. COLLECTORS SEEK OUT ORIGINAL EDITIONS WITH ORIGINAL STICKERS AND YOU SHOULD NOT MISS THIS 180 GRAM WITH THE ORIGINAL MARKETING STICKER 180 GRAM VINYL EDITION WHICH DATES BACK BEFORE THE 150 GRAM RELEASES AND THEIR NEW 180 GRAM RELEASES. Motor City legends Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels set unsurpassed standards for balls-out American white-boy R&B. Under the aegis of crack producer Bob Crewe, the Wheels shot to fame, propelled by Ryder's sweat-soaked soulful vocals, the piercing, mile-a-minute guitar sting of Jim McCarty, and the piledriver drum attack of Johnny Bee. Attacking rock and R&B with a startling, head-on frenzy, the group created a rock-n-soul dynasty still without equal. "These original mono mixes best capture the band's energy and essence." -Jim McCarty, The Detroit Wheels Selections: 1. Sock It To Me - Baby 2. I Can't Hide It 3. Takin' All I Can Get 4. Slow Fizz (Instrumental) 5. Walk On By 6. I Never Had It Better 7. Shakedown 8. A Face In The Crowd 9. I'd Rather Go To Jail 10. Wild Child
SKU Number: DOLP 5084
Price: $79.99