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"Moody Blues, A Question Of Balance - Factory Sealed MFSL Gold CD" - Product Image
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"Moody Blues, A Question Of Balance - Factory Sealed MFSL Gold CD"

A Question of Balance - Factory Sealed MFSL Gold CD Track listing 1. Question 2. How Is It (We Are Here) 3. And the Tide Rushes In 4. Don't You Feel Small 5. Tortoise and the Hare 6. It's up to You 7. Minstrel's Song 8. Dawning Is the Day 9. Melancholy Man 10. Balance, The Details Playing time: 38 min. Producer: Tony Clarke The Moody Blues: Justin Hayward, Graeme Edge, John Lodge, Mike Pinder, Ray Thomas. Engineers: Derek Varnals, Adrian Martins, Robin Thompson. Includes liner notes by John Reed. All tracks have been digitally remastered. A beautifully remastered version of the Moodies' 1970 back-to-basics album (translation: they cut way back on the overdubs) with the original aural murk stripped away at last, and informative liner-note interviews with the band about the recording process. Standout tracks include the classic sort-of protest song "Question" and "It's Up to You," one of singer/guitarist Justin Hayward's most authoritatively wistful riff-rockers. The prettiest track is Ray Thomas's "And the Tide Rushes In," a psychedelic ballad of the sort that moved the Who's Pete Townshend to remark that the Moody Blues' albums were so gorgeously produced that listening to them was like "being in church."
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