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"Paul Butterfield Blues Band, The Resurrection of Pigboy Crabshaw - 180 Gram - First Edition" - Product Image
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"Paul Butterfield Blues Band, The Resurrection of Pigboy Crabshaw - 180 Gram - First Edition"

PAUL BUTTERFIELD BLUES BAND - THE RESURRECTION OF PIGBOY CRABSHAW- 180 Gram Limited Edition classic LP high-definition Virgin Vinyl pressing for superior fidelity. 1ST EDITION SUNDAZED 2002 RELEASE WITH THE 180 GRAM BLUE AND YELLOW STICKER ATTACHED TO THE PLASTIC WRAP ONLY AVAILABLE ON THIS ORIGINAL 180 GRAM VINYL EDITION LP PRESSING - WE FOUND ONE LAST COPY IN THIS HEAVY VINYL 180G GRAM ORIGINAL EDITION STICKER PRESSING. COLLECTORS NOTE: THIS IS THE SUNDAZED 1ST EDITION HEAVY VINYL 180 GRAM LP WHICH INCLUDES THE ORIGINAL MARKETING STICKER FOR THEIR 180 GRAM VINYL EDITION. SUNDAZED RECORDS HAD THESE STICKERS ON THEIR LIMITED EDITION 180 GRAM WEIGHTS BEFORE THEY WENT TO PRESSING THEM IN THE 150 GRAM WEIGHT IN THEIR NEXT GENERATION DURING OUR 1ST OIL CRISIS. NOW I'VE HEARD THAT THEY ARE PRESSING SOME EDITIONS BACK IN A NEW GENERATION AGAIN IN 180 GRAM. BUT THIS ITEM HAS THE ORIGINAL MARKETING STICKER ON THIS 180 GRAM EDITION PRESSINGS. COLLECTORS SEEK OUT ORIGINAL EDITIONS WITH ORIGINAL STICKERS AND YOU SHOULD NOT MISS THIS 180 GRAM WITH THE ORIGINAL MARKETING STICKER 180 GRAM VINYL EDITION WHICH DATES BACK BEFORE THE 150 GRAM RELEASES AND THEIR NEW 180 GRAM RELEASES. The Resurrection Of Pigboy Crabshaw proves to be Butterfield's finest collaborative work. Incorporating a horn section which includes the likes of David Sanborn, Paul Butterfield creates a type of blues music that is seasoned with just enough R&B to really make the music swing. Easing out guitarist Michael Bloomfield and introducing the young master Elvin Bishop was nothing less than a stroke of genius by bandleader Butterfield. On this album, every musician seemed to be in near psychic contact with each other. The blend was a perfectionist's dream. From the first cut on the album to the last, we are swept into his groove. "One More Heartache" may be the best selection on the album, but "Driftin' and Driftin" gives stiff competition for the top choice. The fabulous harp playing of Paul has taken an amazing turn on this album. He is playing the instrument in an almost jazz style, with rapid changes and incredible tonal control over each and every note. Paul especially knows when not to play. Another favorite selection is "Drivin' Wheel." Definitely done in an R&B style, "Drivin' Whee" foregoes the harp but relies on the Sanborn sax to drive the music. Butterfield's vocal is in fine form here; I've never heard him better. He's smooth, in perfect pitch and tone, and he packs a world full of emotion into his vocals. To be sure, there are a few less than spectacular cuts on this album (i.e. Tollin' Bells), but I have yet to hear an album with nothing but five star songs on it. This is definitely a departure from The Paul Butterfield Blues Band and East-West, but the experiment proved to be completely successful. I loved both of the previously mentioned albums, but The Resurrection Of Pigboy Crabshaw is a cut above. Tracks include: One More Heartache 2. Driftin' And Driftin' ? 3. Pity The Fool 4. Born Under A Bad Sign 5. Run Out Of Time 6. Double Trouble 7. Drivin' Wheel 8. Droppin' Out 9. Tollin' Bells///
SKU Number: DOLP 5097
Price: $79.99