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"Peter Gabriel, 2 - 200 Gram LP" - Product Image
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"Peter Gabriel, 2 - 200 Gram LP"

PETER GABRIEL, 2 - Classic 200 Gram LP. Classic Records has proven to be an Audiophile Company second to none in the new millennium. But Classic Records, unlike other top Audiophile Companies, does not place Limited Edition numbers on their LP jackets. Classic Records has just announced that their vinyl weight of 200 gram is now changing to 180 gram. What this change did for Collectors of the finest vinyl pressings was establish a First Edition element to Classic Records Audiophile pressings. All Classic Records titles that were only produced in 200 Gram pressings are now Out of Print and Very Limited Edition Collector's First Edition Pressings. These First Editions have become some of the rarest pressings in the Audiophile Collector's Market. Just try to find them at any Audiophile Retailer after the next few months. You might still find some limited inventory of M-F-S-L or DCC pressings and these 200 gram Classic Records titles will now become that rare in the collectors market. They are simply gone from the market and Mymusicfix has seen some these First Editions sell for over $300. When you take that into consideration, what will this First Edition Audiophile Pressing be worth in the years ahead? It could be one of the most collectible pressings ever in this 200 Gram First Editions. How rare and valuable are each one of these 200 gram sets now still Factory Sealed? Priceless! Mymusicfix is giving you one of the last chances to collect one of these 200 Gram First Editions. Mymusicfix has a very limited amount of these now Rare Factory Sealed pressings. We're sure you may not have known about some of these titles existed. Have fun collecting these Masterpieces! These are tremendous titles and artists that Mymusicfix still has in these 200 Gram First Editions but we have very few pieces left of each title and prices will continue to rise as inventory continues to dwindle. Tracks Include: "On The Air" "D.I.Y." "Mother Of Violence" "A Wonderful Day In A One-Way World" "White Shadow" "Indigo" "Animal Magic" "Exposure" "Flotsam And Jetsam" "Perspective" "Home Sweet Home."
SKU Number: CLLP PG-2
Price: $199.99