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"Phil Collins, But Seriously - Out of Print 1989 Virgin Records" - Product Image
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"Phil Collins, But Seriously - Out of Print 1989 Virgin Records"

PHIL COLLINS - BUT SERIOUSLY - Out of Print 1989 VIRGIN RECORDS rare analog sealed LP - If you are a Collector of the top 100 best Lps of the 80's and singles of all-time this pressing here is one of the rarest and most valuable pressings ever. Don't Miss Out. Collins just doesn't make weak LP there all cover to cover masterpieces. Enjoy being one of the last people in the world to own this analog piece of vinyl. The nicest thing you can do for your stylus and your ears. Phil Collins took a lot of critical heat for making this album, 1989's "But Seriously." Apparently, the critics just couldn't handle the idea of Phil Collins, of all singers, singing songs about the problems in Northern Ireland ("That's Just The Way It Is"), South Africa ("Colours"), the homeless ("Another Day In Paradise"), etc. I say too bad for them, and three cheers to Phil. He made a great album. Besides, not ALL of the songs here are political, for Heaven's sake. And as for the political ones, they're good songs! There's nothing wrong with a recording artist taking some risks every now and then, even if that artist's name is Phil Collins. Phil gets things up and roaring with the great brassy blast of "Hang In Long Enough," and the great tunes keep on coming, such as the quiet beauty of "That's Just The Way It Is" & "Do You Remember," and the fun of "Something Happened On The Way To Heaven." The most controversial song on the album, the South Africa-inspired "Colours," is arguably the most adventurous track Phil has ever done, and, with some very strong shifts in mood throughout, as well as some very heartfelt lyrics, Phil pulls it off. The uplifting sing-along vibe of "I Wish It Would Rain Down" is next, followed by the brilliantly powerful, Grammy-winning classic "Another Day In Paradise," one of Phil's most haunting tunes, which kicks off the second half of equally-great songs in fine fashion, including "All Of My Life" and "Father To Son." Phil's singing, songwriting, playing & arranging is first rate, and he gets excellent help from the likes of Eric Clapton, David Crosby, Steve Winwood & Stephen Bishop, as well as the expert "usual suspects" on Phil's team, including guitarist Daryl Stuermer, bassist Leeland Sklar and the Earth, Wind & Fire horn section.With the release of his previous album, 1985's mega-smash "No Jacket Required," Phil got unfairly put into a box of some sort by the music media, labeled "Top 40 Hits." With "But Seriously," Phil climbed out of that box (at least to a certain extent) and got chastised for it. 13 years later, though, the album holds up. "But Seriously" shows not only the serious side to Phil, but also his gutsy side in tackling stronger subject matter than, say, "Sussudio." Hey, I like a good pop song, but I also like it when a so-called "Top 40" artist branches out a little bit, which Phil Collins most certainly did with this fine disc.
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