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"Pink Floyd, More - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Picture Disc" - Product Image
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"Pink Floyd, More - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Picture Disc"

PINK FLOYD - MORE ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK - THE COLLECTORS PICTURE DISC SW 11198 TREMENDOUSLY RARE LIMITED EDITION VINYL STEREO PRESSING. LONG OUT OF PRINT. This album's original cover art is well known as being one of the greatest in the history of rock. The vinyl pressing inside the Factory Sealed Cover is an Audiophile Masterpiece Limited Edition that is Out of Print and will increase tremendously in value within the Collector's Market over the years to come. Owning and a Masterpiece of one of your favorite artists is something you should not miss out on because once these Limited Editions are gone from the Collector's Market, they will be gone forever. Track Listings 1. Cirrus Minor 2. Nile Song 3. Crying Song 4. Up the Khyber 5. Green Is the Colour 6. Cymbaline 7. Party Sequence 8. Main Theme 9. Ibiza Bar 10. More Blues 11. Quicksilver 12. Spanish Piece 13. Dramatic Theme
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