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"Pink Floyd, Obscured By Clouds - OBI Mini = CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK" - Product Image
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"Pink Floyd, Obscured By Clouds - OBI Mini = CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK"

PINK FLOYD - OBSCURED BY CLOUDS - JAPAN OBI REPLICA LP IN A CD (sealed). This is a Japanese re-mastered Mini LP replica Limited Edition Collection - only 2,000 Collector pieces made world-wide and are immediately Out of Print. Recorded from the finest Original Masters available. Comes with: anti-static sleeves similar to Vinyl LPs, Cardboard packaging like an LP, re-sealable plastic wrap cases for protection of the collectible and includes extensive Liner Notes Booklet. Actual miniaturized version of the 12" LP in 4" CD version. OBSCURED BY CLOUDS - Pink Floyd released their eighth album(overall) Obscured by Clouds in June of 1972. The album was a soundtrack to the French film La Vallee, which was directed by Barbet Schroder. Obscured by Clouds was the band's second film soundtrack for Schroder, their first was the 1969 movie More and was their fourth overall as they also did songs for the movies The Committee and 1970's Zabriske Point. Obscured by Clouds was the album released before 1973's The Dark Side of the Moon and was the band's first ever US Top 50 disc peaking at a respectable #46 and eventually went Gold(in 1994). The album was produced by Pink Floyd themselves and was recorded in a week at the Chateau D'herouville(a/k/a the Honky Chateau as Elton John called it) in France in late February of 1972 during a break from touring Europe. Obscured by Clouds kicks off with the title cut(featuring excellent synth work from both keyboardist Rick Wright and bass player/vocalist Roger Waters and slide guitar from guitarist/vocalist David Gilmour) which then segues into When You're In(with excellent drumming from drummer Nick Mason). Those two tracks were staples of Floyd shows in 1973 on the Dark Side tour. Burning Bridges follows and has a great vocal from Gilmour and Wright and is a great tune. The Gold It's In The... is a hard rocker with some great guitar work from Gilmour. Wots...Uh the Deal follows and is a great song with excellent keyboard work from Wright and great vocals and guitar work from Gilmour. Next is an instrumental version of Burning Bridges entitled Mudmen which is in a different tempo than Burning Bridges. Side two kicked off with Childhood's End(one of Gilmour's best songs ever). Next is Free Four was Waters' first song mentioning the word run which would appear more dominantly on future Floyd albums, it also talks about war and death for the first time and those subjects would appear more dominantly on The Wall and The Final Cut. Free Four was the first Floyd track which got substantial airplay on American rock radio. Next was Stay, which had an excellent vocal from Wright. The album closes with the atmospheric instrumental entitled Absolutely Curtains which features synthesizer work from Gilmour, Waters and Wright and percussion work from Mason and the New Guinea tribe, from the actual La Vallee film itself, conclude this track. Track Listings 1. Obscured by Clouds [Instrumental] 2. When You're In 3. Burning Bridges 4. Gold It's in The... 5. Wot's...Uh the Deal 6. Mudmen [Instrumental] 7. Childhood's End 8. Free Four 9. Stay 10. Absolutely Curtains [Instrumental]
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Price: $99.99